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I’m pretty sure that the Redskins are America’s team.

 It is the capitol of America.

Way to go, America! Redskins!

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  • What do you want to know about Fran?
  • She’s a dead shot. Or at least can kill you dead with a shot (even if you’re a harmless mommy bird protecting her young). She shows no mercy.
  • She can really light up a party. Literally. Set other people’s houses ablaze. She will show no remorse, just giggle and toss her head.
  • She once decided to up and run a 5k race, just to see if she would break a sweat. She didn’t. (Oddly enough, she floated through half of it – and we have the photographic proof).
  • She can talk you into anything. And make you think it was your idea all along. (It brings to mind a story of how four room-less tourists took up with a man on an oxygen tank in his private home in Jackson Hole. Or, how some lovely children got to tour an American Embassy abroad, even though it was closed to the public.).

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