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Tired of wasting hours and hours just trying to keep up with the primary news and opinions on TV and print media? Here’s a one stop web site you can visit and get the market opinion of who will score big (or not). Because these are independents, their opinion is broader than the typical talking head who is selected because he is biased, i.e. speaker for one party or the other.


Science made stupid! Who knew drinking and parties made one drunk and drunker? Check out this latest scientific study..


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New Year’s Day Meal

New Year’s Day was quiet here in Raleigh. Late in the afternoon I decided to finish off the beef that we enjoyed on Christmas Day. Luckily I had my trusty Henkle VS (Very Sharp) knives that I had been wanting to try out. Trimming the silver skin and fatty tissue from the leg-o-beef was easy as slicing up hot buttah. I used my potato brush with the finger grip to keep it from slipping to clean two large potaotes. I sliced them lengthwise with another large sharp knife and then into quarters. Tomato, onion, and cucumber slicing is easy when you have a VS knife.

A quick salad, pan baked potatoes, and of course you have to have red beans and rice on New Years Day. All an easy task when I have such great tools to make the slicy bits fly…

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It’ early in the month and a great time to come up with a theme for the year (I mean – look at the Audi wall for some possibilities).

Suggested Favs:

  • The Year of the Rat (Chinese)
  • Ratteriffic (A nice variation on a theme)
  • This year, the world got a little older
  • Party like it’s 2009!!!
  • Where’s my rocket car?
  • Election? We don’t need no stinkin’ election
  • But first, The Primaries
  • Buy more stuff from China – and give it to your enemies
  • 2008 – No Sleepin’ Late
  • Where’s My Jet Pack?
  • 2008 – Cause I’m Sleepin’ Late
  • Oh No – Not Again!!

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Drum Conundrum.

I have a sweet ‘70s Ludwig drum kit.  I bought it when I lived in North Carolina for about $300.  It had originally been black, but had since been stripped of the wrap and brush-painted in natural.  But the drums are nice and big (24” kick, 13” tom, 18 floor) and I thought they would be cool in a period-correct silver sparkle.


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I tried to spread the word over that poor soul who was arrested for checking on (asking if someone else’s BoA check was good) a fraudulent check he was given in a craigslist scam months ago.

But here’s a reason to hate them even if you don’t bank with them. If you’re in a pickle and use one of their ATMs, it costs you $5 to take out your $20.  – $3 ATM fee and $2 out of network fee but, they only have the decency to tell you about one of them. The other will just be a little surprise for you later on. Enjoy.

Avoid Bank of America.

(Interesting tidbit, banks make more on fees than on interest. How crazy is that)?

UPDATE: Tear up that Credit Card!

How does Bank of America reward its loyal customers? By jacking up their interest rates!! Yay.

This is not only for those who have fallen behind on their payments or whose credit scores have dropped but for any customer whatsoever.  BofA sent letters to its customers saying that they would more than double their interest rates to as much as 28% without giving an explanation for the raise in rates.

Business Week calls it, “a credit card you want to toss.” We couldn’t agree more.

I hope the next advertising tagline is: “Bank of America the scourge of the banking industry.” They can afford to be truthful. No one can do anything about such a behemoth.

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