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Biscuit vs. Taco

Growing up in Michigan, we had your typical mid-western breakfast options like eggs any which way, oatmeal, pancakes/waffles, etc.  All good, but nothing to write a blog entry about.

Then I moved to North Carolina and learned about biscuits.  Biscuits in Michigan were kind of dense and crumbly, and not all that tasty, functioning better as a substrate to which you would add a whole lot of sausage gravy.  But in NC, my eyes were opened the first time I ate at Big Ed’s.  Biscuits are warm, flaky, tasty treats.  They don’t crumble apart and they surely do not crumble apart in dry bits of yuck.  My guess is that like much of the cooking in the South, these delicious biscuits are made with real butter, lard or some other Paula Dean-y essential ingredients.  And God love it.

Then I discovered places like Biscuitville.  They make great biscuits and then fashion amazing breakfast sandwiches out of them.  I love bacon, egg and cheese, country ham, and even the chicken biscuits.  Really, any combo is pretty awesome.  Bojangles does a pretty dang good biscuit too.

When we moved to Austin, Texas, we left the world of biscuits behind.  This is TexMex country.  I was sad.  What would fill the void? 

Breakfast Tacos! 

Now, I’ve had breakfast burritos before, and they are good.  But the breakfast taco is smaller and packs more flavor firepower.  In Austin, Maria’s Taco Xpress is my favorite.  Lizagator loves the Migas (“crumbs” in Spanish, I’m told) and I usually get the bacon, egg and cheese.  The fresh salsa here is soooo good.  Maudies is good too.  Their Pete’s Tantalizing Tacos (eggs, potatoes, peppers, onions and cheese) are really tasty and the jalapeno residual burn lasts for quite a while.

So, do tacos replace biscuits?  Is one better than the other?  Nope.  They are both winners.  Since they seem to be exclusive to their geographic regions, I don’t think we need to proclaim a winner.  You can’t lose.

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