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CNN.com was kind enough to inform me that the FBI wants palm prints and eye scans and tattoo mapping and they’re planning on awarding a $1 billion dollar contract in the near future.

Yes, we’re on our way to becoming a surveilled society. Yes, it’s a little scary.

But my first thought was, ‘I bet Halliburton wins that contract.’


We’ll see.

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A New Addition – UPDATE

Just a quick post to update EVERYONE on the status of the new guitar… I know so many people are on the edge of their seat wondering, What is going on with Jed’s new git?  Or am I just practicing my typing skills and talking to myself (more likely)?

The guitar arrived Friday by the time I arrived at work.  It made the trip with no issues and/or damage (it only traveled from Houston).  The case is pretty cool even though I don’t think it is a Fender case.  It’s a nice tweed on the outside and the inside is plush. The Tele sits in there nice and snug.

The guitar itself looks great; very clean.  Only found two small dings and they are virtually unnoticeable.  I don’t mind dings anyway.  It definitely needs a set up as the action is a bit high for my taste.  And I think the bridge needs to be sorted out a bit.  The only other thing is the ¼” jack is loose.

So, it’s off to Guitar Garage this week for Tom Oatley to do his magic including a full set-up and reversing the control plate to get that dang switch out of my strumming path.

I’ll keep ALL of you posted.

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We here at the Life Tussle aim to entertain and inform you.

Call it “Edu-Tainment.”

This begins a year long look into the history of the presidents of our United States Presidents. We promise that it will  consistently be 98% factual.

Unfortunately, we have decided to go in order. So we have to first start with the most famous of American Presidents, George Washington. (Unfortunate, only in the fact that I know a dazzling amount about Benjamin Harrison, but that’ll have to wait). And also…why be funny about Washington?

PS – If you happen to know a great deal about a president, leave a comment or drop us a  note at thelifetussle@gmail.com

Let’s go:

You know him.

You love him.

Ladies and Gentleman, Our Very First President,

  • George Washington (1789-1797)

Vice President: John Adams

If you’re like me, you love him mostly because he decided not to be king. I sort of can’t say enough about this fact. Others wanted him to be king. He refused. He also chose the reference “Mr. President” over more regal and more European titles. Washington also refused his salary of $25,000 (which must have been alot at the time) because he didn’t need it and he wanted to be more of a servant to the new, fledgling democracy. He later relented when Congress pointed out that it would dissuade others with less financial means from running for president (which is pretty laughable in this day and age).

MYTH: Washington had wooden false teeth.

FACT: Washington’s teeth were made of cow’s teeth, human teeth, and elephant ivory set in a lead base with springs that allowed him to open and close his mouth. They fit poorly and distorted the shape of his mouth. (This makes more sense when you see it in Disney’s animatronic Hall of Presidents).

MYTH: Washington could not tell a lie/Chopping down a cherry tree. – I think we all know this was made up (by an early biographer, Parson Weems) who just wanted to re-iterate the fact that Washington was truthful. We get it, the dude is To-Be-Respected. Gotcha.

About.com tells me that he is the only president not to live in Washington, DC.

QUESTION: Ummm….Was there a Washington, DC?

ANSWER: Kind of. Planning began in 1790. A southern site was agreed upon during a dinner between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton (at Thomas Jefferson’s place).  The site was part of a new national government’s assumption of debts from the Revolutionary War (the South had largely paid off their debts and this was a compromise for the largely industrial, more populous, bankrupt North (See: Civil War)).

Interestingly enough, George met Martha when she was living on the ‘White House Plantation’ in 1759, when they were both 29. He proposed to her 3 weeks after they met. She was a wealthy widow, thereby increasing his estate by a third. He helped raise her two children from a previous marriage. They never had any children together.

Washington is the only man to be unanimously elected by the electoral college. And he did it twice. (Take that, Benjaimin Harrison’s re-election team!).

George Washington wasn’t a member of a political party. And, I read somewhere that Washington was the only founding father to free his slaves.

  • Only founding father not to attend college.
  • Patron saint of the hippie/stoner types for his allegiance to hemp.
  • Gave the shortest inauguration address at 133 words.
  • Washington freed his slaves in his will, upon the death of his wife Martha. Although Martha did not free slaves in her will.

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