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Mitt Quits.

And I don’t even understand it.

How often does the number 2 guy quit so as not to keep splitting the votes? Isn’t that the job of the  3rd place candidate?

Romney says, “In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.” (A fairly odd sentiment taken out of context).

This means McCain’s a lock?

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I think it’s fair to say that Lost creators are pretty cavalier with their fans. I have accepted that no matter what the ‘answers’ are (Is there some sort of alternative reality/universe going on? Are they in purgatory? Are they in a shared dream/hallucination?) I’m pretty much going to feel gyped. Since I have come to terms with that, it actually makes it easier to enjoy the show.

Although, I can’t understand why some of them want to leave so badly.

  • Kate is going straight to jail. Just because you were on a plane that crashed and you were stranded for 3 months doesn’t absolve you of murder. 
  • Sawyer has killed the man who did his momma wrong (which seemed to be the only thing he was living for).
  • Rose would return to Cancertown.
  • Locke would return to Paralysisistan.
  • Hurley doesn’t want to be a lottery winner anymore.
  • Jack has no one left. No dad, No wife. 
  • Claire was carrying Satan’s baby, if she gets off the island he’s headed straight back to his pre-ordained demon-child status.
  • Ben wouldn’t be King of the Brainwashed anymore.

Who does that leave? Sayid (lost his lady love), Juliet, Desmond and the Kims?

Which camp would you have joined? Jack or Locke’s?

Locke has already proven time and time again that he doesn’t want to get off the island. He’ll out and out destroy anyone’s options for getting off the island in favor of his own need to stay. I don’t know much about game theory but if you want to get off the island. He’s probably not the one to follow. He also has told you that he’s not a man of science or logic. I would like to be aligned with someone who likes to apply a bit of rationale to his decision making skill set.

Jack’s going straight out to find the NewOthers (or FreighterOthers or OtherOthers) even though he’s been warned they may not be who they claim. How come there isn’t a third group of cautiously hesitant people who might just want to hang back and see what these new people do when they land? I wanna be in that group. Follow Locke back to the barracks where the Others had been living, where they have houses and electricity and food and book clubs(!) and just give it a little time.

Check back tomorrow for our updates.

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When I was little I realized that I would never have perfect teeth. Of my own. But from that very young age I was really excited to get old so that I could sport the most perfect set of chompers in my home (rest home, of course). I like an old 90 year old with those large, white, movie star teeth. It may not look natural but it tells the world, ‘I still got it!’

This goes double for not having great, thick luxurious hair. My mane is gonna be a cascading thing of beauty (that will, again, not look a bit natural framing my craggy face). So what? At least you haven’t given up hope. You’ve still got the impetus of vanity to keep you going.

I am also pretty pumped about getting one of these:


I’m not really sure why I have to wait until I’m old to get one. I’m not specifically in any danger of slipping and falling when I get in and out of the tub at this age but it seems safer all the way around.

Doesn’t this guy look fired up for bathtime?

I want to be that excited about bathing.

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In this writer-striken season of pablum (Cashmere Mafia. – It’s Sex and the City but with four Miranda’s!), one tends to be more excited by things than normal.

Are you excited about Survivor?

In truth, it should be called Fans Vs. Contestants.

I haven’t watched every season of Survivor but I am pop culturally aware of almost all the past seasons. I don’t recognize half these people. More truthfully, it could be titled: Fans Vs. People-Who-Don’t-Have-Anything- Better-To-Do-And-Who-Are-Looking-to-Extend-Their-15-Minutes-of-Fame.

In reading more about this season it seems that perennial blow-hard/host Jeff Probst has a long standing beef with Johnny Fairplay (Fairplay insulted his brother). Probst says about Fairplay, “I feel like I can eat his lunch all day every day and pack it for him and steal it again.”

Ooooh. My favorite kind of trash talk. The delicious kind.

Will you watch?

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