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“Confirmed Dead.” You can confirm it all you want, it’s still pretty suspicious. 

The Polar Bear is back! The polar bear is back! 

It began with OffTheIslandDanFaraday watching the news of someone finding flight 815 complete with 325 lost souls. He’s freaking out and when asked why, says “I don’t know.” Do you believe him (maybe he’s been drugged out of his gourd or hypnotized of Dharamized) or do you think he’s just lying? Wait is this in the future or in the past? Past, right?

The voice on the submersible refers to “the coordinates we pulled out of our guy’s map.” Hey, yeah, umm what guy?

DanFaraday and his crew are packing gas masks. So was Desmond’s predecessor. Tiny question. Who farted?

Backstory on Miles: He was a greedy spiritualist? Unscrupulous medium?

If Ben is in my group, I just whack him everytime he opens his mouth. You know his line of manipulation. Gag him.

Aptly named Faraday, (physicist established that magnetism could affect rays of light) comments on the density of the light rays on a particular spot on the island. Thud.

OffTheIslandCharlotte doesn’t believe the news of the wreckage found but is thrilled beyond belief at the Dharma/Hydra logo found on the remains of a polar bear in the desert of Tunisia.

Charlotte’s also surprised that Claire had a baby on the island.

Miles and Dan aren’t surprised these guys are Oceanic survivors. Charlotte is.

CrazyPilotGuy (Frank) was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815.

FlashbackAbaddon holds the party line when instructing Naomi “There were no survivors from flight 815.” Don’t ask any questions, just take your Breakfast Club of newbies (a headcase, a ghostbuster, and anthropologist and a drunk) and drop in on the Dharma Initiative for this covert military style operation that I’m paying you to do.

Who is Abaddon representing? Why did Naomi claim to be looking for Desmond? How come Desmond’s not even showing up in this episode? I’m bet Yunjin Kim’s father and Penny Widmore’s father are tied in to this somehow.

CrazyPilotGuy, or as we now know him, DrunkPilotGuy, lands his chopper perfectly but why is he injured. (I do like that all these guys got the same training. Play possum til people get real close to you then jump at them, preferably pulling your gun, if you have one).

The OtherOthers are just here for Ben. Who has been photographed in front of a computer monitor somewhat recently. Most probably off the island. Ben also knows who they are and Guess What? Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Staples Lewis. (which subtly brings to mind a certain Clive Staples Lewis or CS Lewis).

Kudos to Locke for at least asking about the smoke monster. But Ben’s lying about not knowing, right?

Ben knows about them because he has a man on their boat. Diggit.

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This seems like a long time coming.

(Some of the silliness comes from Micheal Cera’s dramatic interpretation as Alexander Hamilton).

Would you like a little truthiness? No? Tough luck, you can skip it.

Both men had been involved in duels in the past. Hamilton had been principal in ten previous shot-less duels. (including ones with James Monroe and John Adams – man did our founding fathers really know how to tussle!)

The duel came about after years of getting on each others’ last nerves. (Remember in those days, elections were held and the number one vote getter won the presidency and the #2, the vice presidency. When the electoral college deadlocked in 1800 it was Hamilton’s behind the scenes maneuvering that led to Jefferson becoming President and Burr becoming Vice President. Burr was pissed. (Nobody ever wants to be vice president).

In the next round of “Oh-No-You-Dint,” Burr published the scathing “The Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq. President of the United States” that Hamilton had written but was never meant for public consumption. (Think: junior high slam book).

Sooo, Burr realizes that Jefferson is going to drop him from the re-election ticket and so Burr decides to run for governor of New York. Hamilton campaigns vigorously against him (smear campaigns and trash talking), causing him to lose.

At the duel, Hamilton shot first but aimed above Burr’s head as evidenced by a freshly fallen branch. It was common for both principals to shoot at the ground to prove their courage. (Those wacky duels were not about fatalities at all. Kind of a let down). Burr returned fire. Also, Burr was a notoriously bad shot and history can’t decide whether he was aiming at Hamilton. Either way Hamilton died a  day later. Burr was indicted for murder in New York and New Jersey (dismissed or acquitted).

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