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Just re-visited Nivana’s video for “In Bloom” where it is all retro, Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan looking. 

 Great song and fun video.  But there is also the Weezer Buddy Holly video where they are rocking for the kids at Arnold’s ala Happy Days.  Which came first?  Which is better?  Who cares, they are both fun and great.

Although, Nirvana does deconstruct the stage a little which is more in keeping.

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The best hype man Eddie Vedder could have ever hoped for was Eddie Vedder.

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Here’s a little website that a few of you should check out. It’s  a photo blog called Goodnight, Raleigh. It’s cityscapes and buildings around Raleigh all taken at night. I love it! It’s just how you picture it – the Biscuit Station looks so dark, naked and alone at night – you would swear it had been abandoned. All cracked cement and 1970s design. Then there were pictures and the news that Harrelson Hall at NCSU (the circular building across the brickyard from the library) is being torn down.

New Raleigh is another great site that covers everything in Raleigh. City planning, reviews of restaurants, pubs, fashion, clothing stores and what is going on with Kings.

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