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Childish moment

I work in an office. A very typical, dull office.  Everyday I sit at a computer and do boring grown up work things, but today a faint glimmer of my childhood appeared in my office during a drab day.  I attended a meeting in conference room, on the conference table lay markers.  And not just any markers, but the silly scented markers of childhood.  The ones that everyone fought to be able to use in kindergarten, because they were cooler than crayons.  The joy of coloring combined with the crazy scent of cherry, grape and licorice.  The wonder of childhood flooding back by taking the cap off a marker and finding that the cherry scent is still delightful, while listening to people drone on about schedules and time lines still isn’t.  A moment of delight found in an otherwise colorless office-day.

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Raleigh – Just an Update

Raleigh now has the street views on Google maps and I just think it is the coolest thing.

Tell me your address so I can WebStalk you. I won’t. I promise. I’m not like that. You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me. I’m good with secrets. Just tell me where you live.

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The Disappearing Car Door. It just rolls down like my car window. Only it’s my door panel! And where did my B pillar go? It’s kinda like some creepy magic trick. But I do like how futuristic it is! ‘Strap on your jet pack and meet be my doorless car. Oh, what you don’t have a doorless car? What, do you still open the damn thing yourself?’

The “Come On” starts out with, “Automobiles today still use the same door principles as Nineteenth century cars.” Foolish humans!

And the body copy has big and cool sounding words like, “Our vehicle architecture offers an attractive rethink for car design.” So, you know they know what they’re talking about. And the VO work is done by a Brit so it’s obviously oozing with class. Geesh!

It wasn’t until the elimination of door dings or getting parked in that I understood how this was better by even one degree. And, my philosophy is that there is a set number of times this thing works, and on number 119,784, you’re trapped in!

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I know how concerned EVERYONE is on the status of my new Tele, and the good news is that it’s back from Oatley’s Guitar Garage, and I must say that Tom Oatley really outdid himself.  The guitar is a peach.  Love it.  It plays great and feels great too.  Cheers Tom. 

The set-up required removing the bridge to flip it around, and that flip required all of the saddles to be removed and re-installed in the proper position.  Tom raised the bridge a bit and then was able to lower the saddles so that everything was working properly.  When I first got it, the bridge was all the way down, so the saddles were raised up so high that the intonation screw was actually rubbing on the guitar string.  Tom sorted it out skillfully.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

What do you do for Valentine’s Day?

My dad used to make me a valentine every year. And he would “hide” a box of chocolates, or some such, under my breakfast’s placemat. These days? Bupkiss.

Meatloaf would do anything for love (but he won’t do that!).

Some things Mr. Loaf would do:

  • Run into Hell and back
  • Never lie to you (and that’s a fact)
  • He’ll be there til the end
  • Take a vow/Seal a pact
  • Do anything you dream of
  • Raise you up/Help you down
  • Get you out of this godforsaken town
  • Colorize your life (you’re so sick of back and white)

I think in the end what he won’t do, is forget you. Or else it’s that he won’t forgive himself if you won’t be with him tonight. (eek). Truthfully, in the lyrics, there seem to be a few things Mr. Meat Loaf will not do.


In all honesty, I’d rather this guy didn’t bother to to anything for me.

Regardless, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! to England where my heart lies

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