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Am I the only one who’s not going to be surprised if someone on the Freighter is named Nikki Tesla at this point? Or if we have some grand allusions to the Philadelphia Experiment (wherein it’s supposedly possibly to bend light around an object making it unobservable to the naked eye)?

We know the guy on the Freighter is named George Minkowski (Hermann Minkowski the mathematician who realized Einstein’s theory of relativity could best be understood in four dimensional space or what has since been known as Minkowski spacetime)!


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Who’s RG -as inscribed on Naomi’s bracelet?

FutureSayid would rather shoot you than pay off on a bet on a golf shot. (Which brings our total of the known Oceanic 6 up to 4, with Hurley, Jack and Kate).

Do you believe Miles Straume (maelstrom) when he said they weren’t told anything other than the OtherOthers are supposed to find Ben Linus?

They’ve definitely solidified the glitch in the time/space continuum theories with Daniel’s little experiment (31 minutes – huh?).

Ben has money and passports at the ready to travel anywhere, anytime.

Sayid does sketchy, mercenary type-crap in the future.

Desmond technically gets off the island too. But he can’t be one of the Oceanic 6. Also, I have my doubts that the helicopter ride will be smooth sailing.

And on that bombshell – Sayid’s FutureBoss is…Ben Linus!

Yep, Ben has yet another list, and Sayid seems to be blindly following it, eliminating the names one by one. He’s doing all this to “protect his friends.” What does that mean exactly? You be the judge. People still on the island? The few that also got off?

Locke never found Jacob’s cabin, we still don’t know who Ben’s inside man is, we still don’t know anything about Walt, we still don’t know why Hurley will get off the island and Locke seems to be going more nutsy and we don’t know why his group continues to let him be the leader.

From next weeks previews, we know that Kate and Sawyer have a romp and we find out another one of the Oceanic 6. I know who it is. Ugh. 

See General Season 4 thoughts of Lost.

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