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Here’s the thing… Dandruff? It’s contagious.

See, I didn’t even know that.

Thanks, Advertising!

Who knows what other germs lurk within if your scalp is telling tales out of school!


Germs, Flakes, SCALES! The madness.

Ladies aren’t stupid. You might have grown up being told dandruff was just dry skin but women know it’s pure germitude! You have filthy, dirty microorganisms living in your scalp. This is disgusting. And this lovely lady doesn’t want any part of it. (This particular lovely lady also happens to have some sort of magnifying x-ray vision so, you’re probably better off without her, lest she desiccate your very soul).

Take your communicable bacteria and scram, Mister!

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Compared to Austin, Texas, or Raleigh, North Carolina, New Jersey is very cold.  I put on my suit this morning along with a overcoat, and I asked the front desk geniuses if the shuttle could take me to my clients office, to which they replied: “sure, just wait outside and the shuttle will be right there.”  Sucker.

So I stand out in the sub-arctic conditions and proceed to get really, really cold.  This is fur weather.  Where is my Sherpa and bottled oxygen?  That dang shuttle took 20 minutes to show up.  Brrrrrr.

Ok, so it’s not really sub-arctic.  But cold.  It would have been fine with some boots, some layers and a good wool sweater, but this “tropical wool” suit ain’t cutting it.

On the positive side, everyone here thinks I am super tanned.

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