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I always like a project.  Just that kind of guy I guess.  So, here is the idea behind my latest undertaking…

If you read the post, then you know I have an old 1970’s Ludwig four-piece kit which I re-wrapped in silver sparkle.  I love the kit.  It looks and sounds great.  The kick, tom and floor tom are the drums that I re-did, not the snare. 


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Turbulence hits the helicopter (with Sayid, Desmond and Frank) and we’re back with Desmond in his Royal Scots boot camp. And back again in the present where Desmond seems like he wants to jump out of the helicopter and doesn’t recognize anyone he’s with. Uh-Oh.

On the beach, Jack and Juliet are with Daniel and Charlotte. Jack and Juliet are suspicious that the others don’t seem to be worried that the helicopter has been missing for a whole day (rather than 20 minutes). Dan fesses up. “Your perception of time on the island is not the same off the island. But not to worry, your buddies should be fine as long as Frank stays on course.” “And if he doesn’t?” “There could be side effects.” (more…)

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It’s like the Olympics of holidays!

(That is, back when all the Olympics were held in a year and they actually occurred once every four years but, well, you get the gist).


In the English speaking world, on a leap day it was permitted for women to propose marriage to men.

Supposedly there was a 1288 law that required a fine be levied if a man refused a woman’s proposal. Because men felt they were at risk, women were then only allowed to propose once in a blue moon (Leap Day).

Although Greeks traditionally saw it a a bad omen to get married on any day in a leap year.

So, women seize the opportunity to propose to your man, or any man at all for that matter because if he says no, you can at least get some cash or a new dress out of it!

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