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James Monroe (1817-1825)

  • The Last of The Cocked Hats (Still wore the tricorne hat, long out of fashion)
  • James the Second (As he succeeded James Madison)
  • James the Lesser (As Madison was seen as the stronger leader of the 2)
  • Era of Good Feelings President (Era reflected the time after War of 1812, the country was less politically divided)


For those of you keeping score at home, Monroe makes 4 out of 5 of the first presidents from Virginia (Adams being from Massachusetts).


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Or “what it can handle,” as this nice man points out. There is a subtle difference.

Jonesing for some nitrates but tired of the everyday bacon rut? Sure those strips of cured hog are delicious but you’ve been there/done that. Why not jazz it up? Dip your bacon in egg and chicken fried steak batter and then deep fry those bad boys!

 What can’t Texans do bigger and better? 

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this video is when one woman tries it and declares it “good, but could use more salt.” Did I just have a mini-stroke watching this in some sort of power of suggestion/psychosomatic induced constriction of my arteries?

Also the fact that everyone seems to use these chicken fried babies as a spoon for the gravy. Not dipping it into but scooping it out!

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