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Doooood. A portable microwave.

Or should that be…”A portable microwave?

It’s like the McDLT of lunchboxes! With its liner core that insulates, keeping the cool side cool until you’re ready to find a convenient power source to get the hot side hot.

I do see the benefit of it for this guy who’s a construction worker. But if you’re an everyday kind of schmo, use the break room at the office like the rest of us. Oh, you’re actually allergic to Becky from Accounting? You get a pass. Fire up that port-o-wave at your desk and carry on.

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Settle in, people; this one is seriously text-rich. And it involves the old gimmick where Kleenex doesn’t need to pay their ad agency because they ask people to send in their stories gratis. Unless it was the agency’s idea – then, Kleenex pays them but they don’t actually have to do any work. Whatevs.



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