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Kitten Come In?

You know, we started calling her PatrolKitty and that got shortened to PK and that morphed into Peekers. Which turned out to be very prescient as she spends a lot of time peeking into our windows and doors, wanting t o be allowed entry. 

So, this is a daily occurrence.

Can you relate?

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 Getting excited about tonight’s Lost episode? We know it centers around Juliet and is called “The Other Woman,”so will we be flashing back to her time as an Other? Will Orchid Station or another new station enter into tonight’s eppy?

This is the info on Dharma Initiative’s Station #6, “The Orchid.” How come this dude has a different name everytime? And when did he loose his arm (previously we’ve seen him with a prosthetic but here, he clearly has use of both arms)? Is he still alive?

 He was:

  •  Marvin Candle in the Swan Orientation film
  • Mark Wickmund in the Pearl Orientation video
  • Edgar Halowax here in the Orchid orientation film

Subliminal message “God Loves you as he loved Jacob.”

 It seems this is the station that deals with time travel as two #15 bunnies are accidentally existing simultaneously.

And, apparently the writers/producers have said this orientation video bears some signifigance to Charlotte’s discovery of the skeletal remains of a polar bear in Tunisia. I think we get what they’re saying

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A brief update on the Ludwig project snare…

Jammin’ Sam came through and delivered the silver sparkle wrap that will nicely match my Ludwig kit.  If you have never wrapped a drum before, Jammin’ Sam makes it really easy.  You call him and give him the measurements on the shell.  He pre-cuts the wrap and applies the tape to the back.  No glue or cutting is involved which makes the job really easy.

Here’s my shell and the wrap prior to installation:



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A community on the outskirts of Los Angeles has banned swearing and cursing for a week.

An Irish bar has banned the most maudlin of tunes, “Danny Boy” for the month of March. (He doesn’t want that song, written by an Englishman who never set foot on Irish soil to harsh the buzz on St. Paddy’s day).

And how did we miss this? Randy Quaid has been banned from the stage forever. Wow, when you piss off theater folks,  they take serious action.


So, no hopes of seeing him reprise his role as Cousin Eddie in the touring musical version of “Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure” at a community theater near you anytime soon.

Or Ever.

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Sign up for retribution! 


If you bought Airborne to keep all the germies out pre-flight, there may be a piece of the big settlement pie waiting for you. They’re on the hook for false advertising because maybe they didn’t do any testing involving actual doctors. But what does that matter? The product itself was invented by an elementary school teacher so, it was probably never based on real science (at least not any that involved science above a 2nd grade level).

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