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This one disturbs me.

I understand that times have changed. I understand that Coca-Cola used to indeed have cocaine in it, that there were headache remedies with heroin, that opium-based laudanum was formerly medically recommended.

And we can (or we choose to) have a little bit of fun with that. But there are somethings that I can’t wrap my pretty little brain around. And this is one of them.

There is no getting around the fact that I literally cannot believe that someone signed off on the ad copy or the pic. No, someone came up with the idea and some other group of people agreed via committee that this was a go.

But, seriously folks, if you were not a fan of the cinematic tour de force that was Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby,” don’t click further.


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 “Good news guys! You’re the first to get music on the international space station. Bad news is, we’re piping it in and you have no way of turning it off or turning the volume down. It’s more a psychological expirement. Enjoy!”


A local Norwegian won a contest to make a mix tape for space. Sounds fun, right? So what are the first songs to be heard in space?


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