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I’ve got to start off by saying that this was not my favorite episode of the season. (I have been spoiled by a frenetic pace of non-stop knowledge bombs). 


So Lapidus was not the one who left the door open for Sayid and Desmond. They also are warned that they shouldn’t want to meet the captain of the Freighter.

Jin and Sun have decided to go to Locke’s camp. This seems to raise the ire of Juliet, so she proceeds to tell Jin that Sun had an affair.

Ooooh, so Sun and Jin are the final pair of the Oceanic Six. Good news. Bad news, there seems to be some complications with Sun’s pregnancy after all.


Jin and Bernard take some time for some male bonding, catch a few fish and hypothesize over the existential meaning of life and karmic retribution.


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I know that David Hasseloff’s big in Germany. And I know that this video’s old. But sometimes we need to re-visit the past (so that we’re not doomed to repeat it). 

This gives America a bad name (a worse name?)

And who knew that “Hooked On a Feeling” could sound worse? (I am now humbled at the feet of BJ Thomas). Has the Hoff patented that “stare?” Does he think his eyes are mesmeric? Yikes!

Do you like him in front of a green screen? He’s seriously phoning this one in! Why does he change clothes? We all know he’s in a studio.  He wantsus to know it. C’mon, watch 45 seconds of it. Who is he fooling? I’ve seen better educational videos. He doesn’t even bother to pretend to fly. Or sing. Or dance.



It’s better if there is no sound. 

Was this a hit? Somewhere? Anywhere?

I have to be fair. But this is a joke, right?


Then there’s the end-ish bit (at about 2:20), are you hoping the second David Hasselhoff strangles the first one? I was rooting for a kill shot. And I was disappointed. Sheeesh.

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