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Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

  • Old Hickory (During Creek War nothing would keep him from battle, causing his troops to compare him to the hardest of woods)
  • King Andy (Far reaching programs seemed to some as excessive use of power)
  • Hero of New Orleans (Victory over the British in January 1815)
  • Caped Crusader (only President to wear a cape in his Presidential Photograph)
  • Action Jackson (this one is a lie but, we wish people called him that)


 BADASS MOMENT #1– In 1806, Jackson met Charles Dickinson in a duel over some remarks Dickinson made about Jackson’s wife. Dickinson got in the first shot, a direct hit square in the chest, two inches from Jackson’s heart. Jackson didn’t even fall down. But returned fire, killing Dickinson and walked away. The bullet was too close to his heart to be removed so it remained lodged in his chest for the rest of his life.

BADASS MOMENT #2 – On January 30 1835, Richard Lawrence fired two pistols at Jackson at point blank range. Both of them failed to fire (Odds 1:125,000). Jackson chased after Lawrence and beat him with his cane. 


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