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Horace seems a little creepy, even for a guy who’s been dead 12 years.

So, the Ageless Wonder (Richard Alpert) was around at John Locke’s birth, huh?

Alpert visits John when John’s 6 or7 years old a asks him to think about these things (baseball mitt, old Book of Laws, vial of sand, a compass, a comic book, and a knife) and figure out which of those belong to him already. John chooses the sand, the compass and the knife. Alpert tells him that the knife really doesn’t belong to him, he packs up all his toys and leaves.

We saw the birth of the Man of Science/Man of Faith struggle within Locke.

Sayid’s on the case to rescue some Losties.

Matthew Abbadon was Locke’s physical therapist/orderly and also, the one to inspire John’s Australian walkabout.

Abbadon says that when Locke sees him again (after his outback trip) John will “owe him one.”

So Christian Shephard is a mouthpiece for Jacob?


Okay, the doctor’s body washed ashore but in the scenes we watched tonight, Sayid leaves before the doctor’s throat is slit and he’s in a motorboat (rather than the less fast method of travel – waiting fur the current to drag your dead body ashore). So why hadn’t Sayid arrived last episode??

When will Locke run into Abbadon again? And what will Abbadon ask him to do? At this point we gotta believe that as a man of faith, John will do anything this man asks him (in the name of destiny – that fickle bitch).


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We have heard rumors of people who smoke marijuana. We’ve heard tales of engineer types in college who built two-story bongs, gravity and ice bongs, and even inflatable smoking devices. But this story takes the cake…

Two men and a juvenile are charged with traipsing about a graveyard, digging up a body, decapitating it and then using the rotting head as a “bong”.


The Takeaway: It’s only a misdemeanor!


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So, I don’t know what year this would have been?

Maybe, 19-Oh-Racist?

The message seems clear. You want to get rid of rats, mice, bedbugs, flies or roaches? Buy a box of chinamen for 15 cents! They will eat you out of your problem. Ugh.


We are making fun of the diets of coolie-hat wearing asians, right? Good work agency du jour

But for in-depth analysis, let’s consult the expert…

Some say he invented the infomercial, but he has repeatedly denied it, although never under oath.  Others say he abhors tomato juice, but loves a Bloody Mary.  No matter, he is the Doctor, and he is preferred by your provider.


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I didn’t really realize it before.

But this guy…


Might just be the father of this guy:


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Franklin Pierce


  • Handsome Frank– He found this embarrassing
  • The Hero of A Well-Fought Bottle – Refers to his lack of military command and his known drinking habits.
  • The Fainting General– Reference by his opponents to an incident when an artillery blast blew his saddle horn into his abdomen, causing him to loose consciousness for a few moments.
  • Young Hickory Of Granite Hills– Comparing his military deeds with Andrew Jackson, and Granite Hills refered to his New Hampshire background

Alright Folks, we’re at a tough time in our nation’s history. We’re leading up to #16 and the Civil War. What’re you gonna do, Handsome Frank?



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If you’re in Austin, and out and about tonight, come out to The Carousel Lounge and check out my band.  Oops, I mean my bands.  Yep, playing in two bands and they are both playing tonight.

The Famous Characters are basically pretty poppy.  I play guitar in this band.  Check out the MySpace page HERE.

The Sheeps are pretty twangy and poppy, but a definite countrified note in there.  I’m on the drums in this band.  Check out the MySpace page HERE.

Also, this will be the first time that I’ve played in two bands playing two different instruments in one night.  Should be fun.

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This week’s post is on a watch that is not only one of my favorites, but also one that I own.  And this watch is very different than most watches I have owned (or dreamed of owning);  for instance the brand is Italian, the movement is not an automatic, it’s not a chronograph, it’s not a pilot’s watch, and it doesn’t even have a second hand.  But let’s not keep you waiting…

Panerai Luminor Base  (more…)

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