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I recently worked a deal that netted me a tweed Fender Bandmaster.  The model designation for this amp is 5E7, which is the classic narrow panel 3×10 bandmaster produced form 1955 to 1960.  These are cool amps.  The three ten-inch speakers is interesting, and sounds punchy.  Of course it is all tube with 5881 power tubes and three pre-amp tubes.  And it is all point-to-point wired by hand – no printed circuit board or el-cheapo components.  The ideas is to get as close to how Leo Fender was doing it back in the 50s as possible.


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Which tv newsman seems a little too genetically linked to a tv pitchman?


Are they related? One and the same?

Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

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Sometimes when I’m rubbing puppy’s belly, I like to coo in her ears and tell her that she’s the cutest pup in the whole land.
But I also use that opportunity to remind her that she should really develop some extra tricks and/or skills because pretty soon, she’s gonna grow up and she won’t be as cute anymore.

cavalier king charles spaniel ruby puppy

People will no longer clamor over her at the Target. Walking down the street will no longer cause cars to slow down and make every other human stop to give her the undiluted adulation. She will have to prostitute herself on the street. Perform a few tricks just to get some of the attention she had once taken for granted.

It’s a tough world out there (some would say ‘Dog eat dog’). And you can’t get by on your looks forever.

The glory days of youth are fleeting.

The world is cruel to the aged.

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I read an ad on Craigslist for a vintage Ludwig drum kit that need some work.  The photos posted were small and blurry, so it was a pretty tough to see what was actually being offered.  Even though the images were poor, I could tell there was a chrome snare drum, and it looked to be a Ludwig Supraphonic.  I’ve always wanted one of these drums, and I figured maybe I could get the whole kit pretty cheaply.  I went to the seller’s apartment after work to have a look, and decided the whole kit was not really something I wanted (it was mismatched and the insides of the shells had been painted black).  But the snare turned out to be a 1970 (date stamp visible inside) Ludwig Super Sensitive in decent shape.


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Guy Fieddy (if it is spelled any other way, it is unforgivable making people pronounce it as such).


When I can’t sleep I find his ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ is on incessantly when most mere mortals are asleep and therefore safe from his tour of bacon grease, beef fat and lard. 

I have no problem with the show.  I love all three of the above (particularly the bacon grease). I simply stand in awe of that man’s constitution.

But mostly I notice he is always attended by a bottle of Pelegrino (the Italian water “mit gas”).  I’m beginning to wonder if there are some secretive healing properties to this water that I was hitherto unaware.


Does Pelegrino negate the constriction of blood vesels and thin the layer of fat that would otherwise build up after consuming three meals a day of deep-fried sausage-filled taquito bombs with chees sauce (wrapped in bacon optional)?

Lemme know. 

I may need the healing powers soon.

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What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with these people?


These kids don’t seem to be remotely excited by the fact that they have R2D2 at their muthafriggin shindig!

Better yet: R2D2 is sporting a tux. He’s like the James Bond of droids, people. Can’t you muster anything? The rest of your life is only gonna be downhill from here kids.

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William Howard Taft


Nicked Names

  • Old Bill
  • Big Lub
  • FattyFatty 2×4 Can’t Fit Thru The Bathroom Door
  • The 27th President, 10th Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, 1st Provisional Governor of Cuba, 42nd US Secretary of War, 1st Civil Governor of the Philippines, 5th US Solicitor General, 1st in line at a buffet


Taft is really the president that ought to be known as the Trustbuster. He busted over 80, beating that so-called buster (Teddy ‘Not as Busted’ Roosevelt) by about 40. Taft just didn’t happen to rail against business in his rhetoric. That’s right Taft is twice the buster TR ever was, suckas!


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Before we get into our list, we provide this UTube Clip for a trailer for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” only edited to resemble Brokeback Mountain. Sometimes, when taking a break from all the porn, I realize that the interent is a great place for all the lonely, bored and idle hands of the world. Thanks internet nerds! This two and a half minute clip may be funnier than the entire 90 minute movie…You  be the judge.


Now onto our list…  (in no particular order)

A Christmas Story. It’s probably on everyone’s list by now and the fact of the matter is that no one really has to watch it anymore. Back when the powers that be retired “It’s a Wonderful Life” only to let it out of it’s cage once a year, they needed something to replay ad infinitum  in its stead. They chose A Christmas Story. And they ran that into the ground. Don’t let that sully its reputation. Still, a classic.  Recommended for: Todays kids who’s parents would never ever allow them to have a Red Rider B-B Gun, even if they knew what a B-B gun was (or where ever allowed to play out of doors unattended.)

The Ref. One that flew under the radar a bit. But any movie that makes your own family’s dysfunction pale by comparison (or at least remind you that it’s okay to laugh at that dysfunction) redeems itself in my eyes. Recommended for: Everyone in my family.


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Zen Koan


If you set a movie in South Boston, can it be made if there are no characters named either ‘Paulie,’ ‘Jimmy’ or ‘Doyle’?

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Take a minute to watch someone else’s smooth moves. Then teach everyone at your office how to do the Backwards Swim. We hear it was all the  rage.

This is one first class top drawer music videography.

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Ty Lawson

I was anticipating a UNC victory, but I was also expecting an actual basketball game.  What I got was a the opportunity to watch UNC humiliate my Michigan State Spartans at Ford Field.  I know, in D-town no less.  The Lions can’t win a game here, why should the Spartans fair any better?  In the end, it was UNC up 98 to 63 – that’s a 35 point lead for you math whizzes.


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Who’s is that handsome son of a bitch?



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I like Notre Dame.  But I really, really don’t like Charlie Weis.  Yeah, this guy…

Charlie Weis

Quite a looker, right?


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  • Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan got word that he was fired at 7:30am Thanksgiving morning outside the arena as he and his wife were handing out turkeys as part of an outreach program. Do you think someone just came over to him and said, “You know what Eddie? I think you might just be in the wrong line. Get on the other side of the table with the other unemployed people.”
  • A part time worker at Wal-Mart got trampled to death under the throngs of Black Friday shoppers. What has happened to us as a society when no one notices a man dying in their frenzied rush to get $19 off a crock pot? Even a free XBOX does not warrant overlooking a man’s death.
  • CBS got the privilege of airing the match-up everybody was clamoring to see…10-1 Tennessee took on the unblemished 0-11 Detroit Lions. In case you missed it, I won’t tell you who won. The highlights lowlights are surely worth it.
  • Two customers shot each other in a California Toys ‘R Us. Police say it had nothing to do with toys. They both thought they heard Tickle Me Elmo say some stuff about them. And then he got handsy. And then he just laughed and laughed and laughed at them.
  • And on the bright side, ROSIE! LIVE! is no more. No future variety shows to make sure you miss. Although Dustin Diamond, Charo, Gallagher, Richard Simmons, and Carnie Wilson have to face the sad fact that one of their few opportunities to get back on tv are gone.

No matter who you spent the holiday with, at least you got an extra long weekend. Maybe that just meant two more days of travel or two more days with Uncle Walter or two more days of godforsaken turkey leftovers (that bird does not get more juicy the longer it sits in the fridge!) However you spent it, I hope it was wonderful!

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