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It’s not just for dog-lovers anymore.

Or ferrets.

Or ducks.


Yes. Now you can walk your goldfish!

Hopefully there will not be an uptick in goldfish parks.

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A Mash-Up

I hate mash ups.

This is the only one I feel like adding. It’s Radiohead, okay….and  DAVE BRUBECK !

Cool Enough.

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So, 40 percent?

We’re a little late to the party but a gallup poll tells us (on Darwin’s Birthday) 4 in 10 Americans believe in evolutions.

Is that too high or too low?

Check it out, there are pretty graphics.

And surprisingly, a strong correlation to education and religiosity.

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“Alright, Everybody turn around if you’re  not gay.”

They got more people than Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy would have predicted with this simple trick.

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I just realized that my dog is an awesome impressionist. Like Rich Little in his prime, circa 1988, still doing a bang-up aping of Nixon.

Right now Dog Dash can do like 2 different slamdunk, knock it out of the park impressions.

1.  He can contort his body in such a way that he looks exactly  like a dead puppy. And…

2.  He does an outstanding Marlon Brando (from the Godfather) impression when he puts an ice cube in his mouth sideways .

And, I almost forgot, #3. – Dash can turn in a very solid Drowned Rat after his bath.

PS – He also does a great Nicholson and Christopher Walken – but I mean, c’mon…everybody can do those. They don’t even count.

Check back later, we’re trying to teach him an Edward G. Robinson. We’ll see how he takes to it.

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