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picture of trees from the Dismal SwampThe Great Dismal Swamp Stomp was an unexpectedly great event. I was a little apprehensive about this when I first got to the hotel. The expo was very small (I had only been to one other half marathon, but it had a huge expo). And I found that there were not direction to the race in my packet, nor was there a map of the course, but those were available on the web (thank goodness for smart phones). Sadly the map of the race didn’t include water stops, but other than that I was in pretty good shape once the race day dawned (well I hadn’t slept well, but that’s just par for the course on race night).
The race site itself was easy to find and parking was pretty ample. And there was already a band play at 7:00 in the morning. Now that is excellent. It was a laid back bluegrass kind of sound – just perfect for this race.
The courseĀ itself is fantastic. I love an out and back race. Somehow it makes the second half of the race seem easier (or at least familiar). There were plenty of water stops (the other benefit of an out and back course). The volunteers were very enthusiastic and were great about cheering us on. And it could not have been flatter. That was a perfectly flat and east track.
The after race snack was fantastic (hello pizza, I’m so happy to see you). The band continued to play and the race with the kids was cute. The shirts and medals were lovely.
I may not have had my best race, but that was mostly due to lack of training. The race itself is excellent and I would do it again.

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