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I’ve recently discovered an odd scientific phenomenon. The red “pebbles” in Fruity Pebbles (TM) are always the last holdouts in your bowl of milk.

Now that I think about it…there really needs to be some more detailed analysis done on this controversial finding.

Don’t pity me, I do it all in the name of science.

I’m off to do more research.

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Spot the problem.  Some folks should not be allowed to touch tools.

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A freshly washed car. 

You forget what a difference it makes. It looks all shiny and brand spankin’ again!

All of a sudden you’re a spoiled princess.

(PS – Raleigh, you probably don’t remember this feeling. That’s okay, I’m sure you will be allowed to wash cars and/or bathe in the next couple of years).

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Childish moment

I work in an office. A very typical, dull office.  Everyday I sit at a computer and do boring grown up work things, but today a faint glimmer of my childhood appeared in my office during a drab day.  I attended a meeting in conference room, on the conference table lay markers.  And not just any markers, but the silly scented markers of childhood.  The ones that everyone fought to be able to use in kindergarten, because they were cooler than crayons.  The joy of coloring combined with the crazy scent of cherry, grape and licorice.  The wonder of childhood flooding back by taking the cap off a marker and finding that the cherry scent is still delightful, while listening to people drone on about schedules and time lines still isn’t.  A moment of delight found in an otherwise colorless office-day.

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Stepping out of the shower into a nice, freshly laundered towel.

Sometimes I even say, “Towel, you smell almost as good as me right now.”

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It involved a cigar, a drink, and reading a  little bit of a mystery sitting in the near 80 degree sun. Followed up with a Redskins game.

Sometimes you have to celebrate life.

Even if your team losses. (Or falls apart). 

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My sister and my dad have an opportunity to use words like kludge (pronounced: ‘klooge’) in thier workaday world. They say things like, “I don’t have enough disc space for that,” when referring to their personal free time. Ahem. Geek-y!

I find occasion to use the words ‘tontine’ and ‘antepentultimate’ – because I sit around talking about television (an episode of MASH (or The Simpsons) and reality tv, respectively).

So, the question arises, Who’s the bigger loser?

A: I guess that would default to me. At least theirs is an employable nerdiness!

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