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What the WHAT?

Do you know what this is?

It is synchronized bike riding, ya’ll.

Who knew such a thing existed (outside of an SNL writer’s head)?

I didn’t. But it seems to be real. Real enough to have held the 2009 Junior Championships this past May.

And the thing is…It’s kinda damned imressive.

For real.

Seems harder than a balance beam. Or rhythmic gymnastics. Or Spectating. (Still a sport, right?)

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But, seriously, I saw reporters filing their stories from outer space last night. I mean that has to be the reason they were hologrammed into the CNN studio. That, or just huge fear Wolf Blitzer’s beard? Holograms?!? We are now using holograms for no apparent reason? Hmmmm…

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Now, with none of those pesky little Fears.

Happy Day.

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BREAKING NEWS: One of the Vice Presidential candidates will recuse him/herself this week!

I have it on good authority that early this week there will be a shake-up in the vice presidential race. It is the October Surprise that we’ve all come to expect.

 Following Palin’s tragic interview with Katie Couric and the McCain camp refusing to allow her to show up (or spin) at the Presidential debate last Friday, and Sen. Joe Biden’s gaffes of insisting FDR was not only president during the stock market crash of 1929 but, that he also appeared on television to reassure Americans; Americans are demanding a different Vice Presidential candidate. 

One of the candidates will  back out. We have reliable information on who will be replaced and who that replacement will be.

Click to Find Out.


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When someone starts off a story, “Omigod, I felt like the biggest geek one time…I was at this Doctor Who meet-up group and…”

If the thing that made you feel like the biggest dork was not simply being at the Doctor Who meet-up group, then I have some seriously high expectations for this story!

PS – Who’s gonna be the new Doctor anyway? When are we gonna find out. The fact that it’s not James Nesbitt I find to be a shame. I’d watch that creepy dark Doctor Who. And Jennifer Saunders was an interesting thought. I think she’d do a good job as the first female Time Lord.

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Feist Can Count to Four

With the help of some monsters that live on Sesame Street.

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