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Here’s a quick quiz so see if you’d pass 8th grade science.

I would in no way like to share my grade with you.

Apropos of nothing, I would like to take a minute to say that my middle school was a classical arts magnet school and we did have all sorts of dance, music, theater, band, orchestra, jazz bands, etc. 

My school might not have spent their entire budget on the science department. My class was in a basement. My teacher quit in the first quarter, replaced by a substitute for 2 months, ending with a new permanent teacher for the last quarter. And I think there was another pregnant lady in there somewhere.

None of this reflects in my awesome score on this test. I’m just sayin’…

Seriously, I did fine on the test. I just don’t happen to want to talk about it. Just feeling a little shy. I did really well, though – Honest.

Shut it!

Move along.

Take the test yourself. You can tell me how you did. I won’t tell anyone else. Honest. Swearsies!

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Yes. We love WikiHow. – What can’t the internet teach you, you guys?  You can learn how to make that cake in the shape of a hamburger or an anatomically correct brain. Or how to act like Kelly Bundy from “Married with Children”

But today we offer the best of the best: How to Make a mini-Crossbow.

Even better, you can probably do it right now. At your desk. With stuff in your drawers.

Wait – Hold the phone…Were you thinking of actually doing work today? Well, you know what motivates other people to do your work for you?



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We love the bad photoshop and nothing is better than photoshop disaters which documents all the badness. So much badness. (Really, a fun site, you can blow through the whole thing in 15 minutes).

I think you may notice some continuity issues between her head and the rest of her body, yeah? Seems one is more tan than the other…

But here’s a great photoshop – the realization of Homer Simpson in human form. Truly remarkable


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We admit while we’ve never actual sweated (swote?) to the oldies, Richard Simmons has been a personal favorite since he picked up our mom in a hotel in the mid 1980’s. So, we’re quite glad when Jimmy Kimmel saw the genius in him and invited him on in honor of Jimmy’s 1000th show.

Including Sam Elliot and his unmistakable voice (like he’s just been gargling with nails!) is wondiferous.

Jared from Subway, Jazz Hands! and Jonah Hill round out this video of Jimmy’s day spent with Richard.

And this closing thought from Sam Elliott: “Don’t be a piece of sh**, America.” Words to live by? Our new personal credo.

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Jefferson Starship and Chewbacca’s family?

Bring it on.

Thank you for taking the time to edit the two hour Christmastime (excuse me, I mean ‘Life Day’) craptacular down to 5 minutes (and includes 3 musical numbers)!

“Why the long hairy face?” (Oooof).

Hamill may not have been an amazing thesp but Bea Arthur singing and jiving at the bar is pretty delish!

1978 was one very special year.

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You’re gowing too similair for my tastes.


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In America, there isn’t the biggest tennis following in the world but, we like it. So, for any other tennis fans or tennis lovers we have a little gift to tide you over until the French Open.

This vindicates anyone who might have ever made the Roger Federer/Quentin Tarentino comparison. We know you’re out there (and it still does nothing to diminish our love for him).

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