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Brilliant idea. It’s like having people act out your old VCR instruction manual.

As is says in it’s intro, these people perform a short piece that was written in English, translated (with babelfish – the online translation software) into French, then translated into German, then back into French and finally back into English.

The results are predictably horrible but they are kind enough to subtitle it with the original English. I promise there’s hardly any resemblance whatsoever!

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Kitten Come In?

You know, we started calling her PatrolKitty and that got shortened to PK and that morphed into Peekers. Which turned out to be very prescient as she spends a lot of time peeking into our windows and doors, wanting t o be allowed entry. 

So, this is a daily occurrence.

Can you relate?

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On the Jimmy Kimmel show following the Oscars, Jimmy answered the Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video with a little video of his own with…Ben Affleck, of course!

The only startling thing about this video is who Jimmy got to be in it. Some of these people probably haven’t even been on his show! But we have Brad Pitt fulfilling every woman’s fantasy and showing up as a delivery guy and Harrison Ford pulling up next to the happy couple in his convertible to blow kisses (vaguely reminiscent of American Graffiti).

And then the song breaks into a ‘We Are the World’ type anthem complete with Joan Jett, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Perry Ferrell, Macy Grey, Benji and Joel Madden, Josh Groban, Huey Lewis, Lance Bass, Pete Wentz, Cameron Diaz, McLovin (backed by a gospel choir), and Rebecca Romijn. 


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Watch and Enjoy

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Raleigh – Just an Update

Raleigh now has the street views on Google maps and I just think it is the coolest thing.

Tell me your address so I can WebStalk you. I won’t. I promise. I’m not like that. You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me. I’m good with secrets. Just tell me where you live.

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I hate that feeling. You learn something so basic that you can’t believe that it took so long to dawn on you.

Like learning how to comb your hair. At age 10.

Or this dang 100% button in the lower right corner of the browser.  Did you know that if you click on that it enlarges your window to 125%?  Click it again and it bumps up to 150%.  But now you’re stuck at 150% right?  Nope.  Click it again and you back to 100%.  So easy. So, why havie I been squinting my ass off half the time?

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All Hail…

… the new Life Tussle design.  Someone is a true artist.

 The Life Tussle is dead.  Long live The Life Tussle!

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