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Did you love the season finale of Lost? Did it give you enough to chew on until next year? Did it answer enough of your questions? Or bring up any more?


Jeremy Bentham is the one in the coffin? That utilitarian philosopher’s been dead 150+ years. Whatevs. (And, yes, he’s the guy who had his body preserved in a glass-topped coffin that’s been on display since he died. He was smart. And slightly creepy. But he’s fully clothed and sitting upright so, maybe not that creepy. And he is the tie breaking vote (always in favor) at the college).

A little rumble in the jungle (with Kate and Sayid and Richard Alpert) to free Ben from his would-be-captors-from-the-freighter. Since Kate and Sayid offered their help, they are free to leave the island. Easy-peasy.

Walt and his grandmother visit Hurley in the nuthouse. Walt says he was visited by Jeremy Bentham and wonders why the rest of the Oceanic 6 are lying about their time on the island. I’m wondering why Walt travelled across the country only to tell him this. Uh?

Ben and Locke are trying to move the island from the Orchid Station. But Keamy will not die and shows up to exact his revenge on Ben. Ben succeeds in killing him which should detonate all the C4 on the Freighter, killing all on board. So?

Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer get on the helicopter headed to the Freighter. When the helicopter looses fuel Sawyer bails. (But, not too worry, he will later emerge from the water ala Ursula Andress).


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Pentultimate episode of the season. We open on the Oceanic Six being rescued. Jack’s still the leader. Telling them how to deal with the media that awaits.

FLASHCURRENT: The chopper is overheard to be landing over the Orchid, which none of the Losties know is another Dharma station. Jack is trying to be a hero (a-gain) even though he just had surgery.

Turns out Dan Faraday knows what the Orchid station is all about and tells Charlotte, “We have to get off this island tight now!” 

FUTURE: Oceanic has a press conference with The 6; offering a lot of crazy manufactured details. The press is pretty harsh with them. (‘You guys look pretty healthy for being on an island’) It should be a fluff piece! Sayid and Nadia are re-united.

One group if off to the freighter with Jin and Sun and Aaron and some random people. So we know the fate of them is not certain.

FLASHFORWARD: Sun shows up at her father’s company, pregnant and gaining control of her life and her father’s company. She got her money and bought controlling interest in dad’s biz. And she blames dad for Jin’s death.


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Horace seems a little creepy, even for a guy who’s been dead 12 years.

So, the Ageless Wonder (Richard Alpert) was around at John Locke’s birth, huh?

Alpert visits John when John’s 6 or7 years old a asks him to think about these things (baseball mitt, old Book of Laws, vial of sand, a compass, a comic book, and a knife) and figure out which of those belong to him already. John chooses the sand, the compass and the knife. Alpert tells him that the knife really doesn’t belong to him, he packs up all his toys and leaves.

We saw the birth of the Man of Science/Man of Faith struggle within Locke.

Sayid’s on the case to rescue some Losties.

Matthew Abbadon was Locke’s physical therapist/orderly and also, the one to inspire John’s Australian walkabout.

Abbadon says that when Locke sees him again (after his outback trip) John will “owe him one.”

So Christian Shephard is a mouthpiece for Jacob?


Okay, the doctor’s body washed ashore but in the scenes we watched tonight, Sayid leaves before the doctor’s throat is slit and he’s in a motorboat (rather than the less fast method of travel – waiting fur the current to drag your dead body ashore). So why hadn’t Sayid arrived last episode??

When will Locke run into Abbadon again? And what will Abbadon ask him to do? At this point we gotta believe that as a man of faith, John will do anything this man asks him (in the name of destiny – that fickle bitch).


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Sooo… Whadjya think about the future of Kack (or Jate – or whatever the kids are calling their favorite Lostie coupling these days)?

I admit, my favorite part was Sawyer calling Miles, “Donger” for all the Sixteen Candles fans out there.

So Flashing into the future, Kate and Jack reconcile (like rabbits) and Jack is a stable, well-adjusted practicing doctor and participant in life. But…

Hurley still visits with (GhostOfDead) Charlie, who has a message for Jack, “not to raise him.” We should be getting more insight into the cur-sed nature of Aaron soon.

You know what drives a person over the edge, into pill popping territory? Being engaged to Kate. Boo-Yah!

Jack read ALice in Wonderland to Aaron, and the camera paused on it on the bookshelf a time or too. We get it. This is a transitional period. They’re setting up the resolve. I like it.

It also sets up a nice Christian Shepard as the White Rabbit that Jack chases hither and yon.


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CampLocke: Playing Risk – Australia is the key to whole game. (Referencing Claire? Plane departure?)

Locke gets a phone call – Code 14-J: Ben’s non-plussed. They’re Heeeeere!

Ben wants Locke to survive, “It’s very imporatant that you survive what’s about to happen here John.”  Ben needs John to talk to Jacob. And they both need Hurley to find Jacob’s cabin.


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We all know now that “Meet Kevin Johnson” refers to Micheal. So, let’s review – Micheal was ready to kill 2 strangers (Ana Lucia and Libby) to rescue the man (Ben) he had to, to save his son (Walt).


(Yay, Miles doesn’t have a grenade in his mouth anymore) Locke brings Miles in for a little tete a tete (or tete a lotsa people, whatever). Ben confesses Micheal is Ben’s spy on the boat.


Captain Gault is having a bit of a hard time regulating his staff. Sayid confronts Micheal about why he’s on the boat. He’s here to quote unquote: Die. DuntDuntDuntDunnnn…. 


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I’ve got to start off by saying that this was not my favorite episode of the season. (I have been spoiled by a frenetic pace of non-stop knowledge bombs). 


So Lapidus was not the one who left the door open for Sayid and Desmond. They also are warned that they shouldn’t want to meet the captain of the Freighter.

Jin and Sun have decided to go to Locke’s camp. This seems to raise the ire of Juliet, so she proceeds to tell Jin that Sun had an affair.

Ooooh, so Sun and Jin are the final pair of the Oceanic Six. Good news. Bad news, there seems to be some complications with Sun’s pregnancy after all.


Jin and Bernard take some time for some male bonding, catch a few fish and hypothesize over the existential meaning of life and karmic retribution.


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Juliet is in her first meeting with Harper Stanhope, the island shrink, in her first week on the island. Complains of feeling isolated.



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 Getting excited about tonight’s Lost episode? We know it centers around Juliet and is called “The Other Woman,”so will we be flashing back to her time as an Other? Will Orchid Station or another new station enter into tonight’s eppy?

This is the info on Dharma Initiative’s Station #6, “The Orchid.” How come this dude has a different name everytime? And when did he loose his arm (previously we’ve seen him with a prosthetic but here, he clearly has use of both arms)? Is he still alive?

 He was:

  •  Marvin Candle in the Swan Orientation film
  • Mark Wickmund in the Pearl Orientation video
  • Edgar Halowax here in the Orchid orientation film

Subliminal message “God Loves you as he loved Jacob.”

 It seems this is the station that deals with time travel as two #15 bunnies are accidentally existing simultaneously.

And, apparently the writers/producers have said this orientation video bears some signifigance to Charlotte’s discovery of the skeletal remains of a polar bear in Tunisia. I think we get what they’re saying

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Turbulence hits the helicopter (with Sayid, Desmond and Frank) and we’re back with Desmond in his Royal Scots boot camp. And back again in the present where Desmond seems like he wants to jump out of the helicopter and doesn’t recognize anyone he’s with. Uh-Oh.

On the beach, Jack and Juliet are with Daniel and Charlotte. Jack and Juliet are suspicious that the others don’t seem to be worried that the helicopter has been missing for a whole day (rather than 20 minutes). Dan fesses up. “Your perception of time on the island is not the same off the island. But not to worry, your buddies should be fine as long as Frank stays on course.” “And if he doesn’t?” “There could be side effects.” (more…)

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Okay. Kate-scentric. We already knew she was one of the Oceanic 6 so, will we find out another?

  • Ben rattles Locke by taunting him with things like, ‘You can’t find the cabin. You can’t find Jacob.’
  • Kate doesn’t trust Sawyer, he wonders if this is because of “the pregnancy.”
  • ForwardKate’s on trial, pleads not guilty and is remanded to jail. But why is she on trial in California? Her lawyer wants her to accept a deal. Or to make the trial about her character rather than her deeds. Kate says no way are you bringing in my son! (Who uses a baby as a witness?)
  • Kate visits Miles because she wants to know if everyone else on the planet knows who she is. They do. (Although I’m still confused, as I thought Mr. Abaddon who instigated their mission insisted there were no survivors. I guess maybe he said that, then winked and told the FreighterOthers who to expect to find?). I want to know who this Abaddon is and who he’s working for. Tell Me.
  • Jack testifies on Kate’s behalf saying that only 8 survived the crash and that Kate pulled him to shore. “Kate tried to save the other two but…” Kate objects to Jack’s testimony (because he’s committing perjury and possibly thinks the truth might come out eventually?). Prosecutor wants to know if Jack loves Kate, he says “not anymore.
  • Sawyer helps Kate get Miles in to see Ben, where Miles demands $3.2 million to report back to the bad guy he works for that Ben is dead. Ben wants to know why $3.2 rather than $3.3 or $3.5 – hey, me too! Was the 3.2 mil a code? Is Miles Ben’s man on the boat?
  • Why can’t Kate just tell Locke that she needed Miles to find out if it’s safe for her to leave the island?
  • Kate’s mother agrees not to testify against Kate if she can see her grandchild. Kate says no way. What?!? I’d let my mom take a gander at my baby if it got me out of 15 years hard time.
  • Daniel has some sort of short term memory problem. Now of course I want to know if this is a recent ailment and if so, what caused it.
  • Guess what? Bad news -Sayid and Desmond have not made it to the Freighter. Worse News -The entire helicopter is missing.
  • Locke is a little badass. He keeps Miles’ mouth shut by shoving a live hand-grenade in it. After telling him “I am responsible for the well-being of this island.”
  • Kate gets a deal, 10 years probation (which Kate seemed to want?). So FutureKate won’t be returning to the island anytime soon.
  • The baby is…Aaron! Who is now 2 or 3 years old!! Does that make him one of the Oceanic 6? He wasn’t technically on the manifest.
  • Kate’s claiming the baby’s hers. Although, the baby is too old, if he’s 3 and they’ve been on the island for 4 months, no one around her is good at math. I think it’s the devilish space/time continum at work.
  • Why does Jack not want to see Aaron? Well, until he does, there will be no Jack and Kate time.
  • Didn’t the psychic Claire visited in Australia tell her that raising the baby herself was an imperative? Do we have to assume that Claire is dead? I at least want to hope that she’s alive on the island but can’t leave for some reason.

Oooooh, next week – Desmond-centric. Yay.

I really liked this episode, What’d you think?

I am also really liking Jeremy Davies as Daniel Farady. Did anyone else see him in Rescue Dawn? Craaaazy.

Also wanted to add that everyone has said that “Eggtown” refers to pregnancy and the last of the eggs from the last of the chickens but don’t forget that an Eggtown was shorthand for a town with no money. Meaning that traveling salesmen would refer to it that way, “Oh, don’t bother with Williamsburg, it’s an eggtown” – they didn’t have money or anything of real value to barter with. An egg is the worst thing; it has a short shelf life, doesn’t travel well – so fairly useless to the salesman.

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Am I the only one who’s not going to be surprised if someone on the Freighter is named Nikki Tesla at this point? Or if we have some grand allusions to the Philadelphia Experiment (wherein it’s supposedly possibly to bend light around an object making it unobservable to the naked eye)?

We know the guy on the Freighter is named George Minkowski (Hermann Minkowski the mathematician who realized Einstein’s theory of relativity could best be understood in four dimensional space or what has since been known as Minkowski spacetime)!


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Who’s RG -as inscribed on Naomi’s bracelet?

FutureSayid would rather shoot you than pay off on a bet on a golf shot. (Which brings our total of the known Oceanic 6 up to 4, with Hurley, Jack and Kate).

Do you believe Miles Straume (maelstrom) when he said they weren’t told anything other than the OtherOthers are supposed to find Ben Linus?

They’ve definitely solidified the glitch in the time/space continuum theories with Daniel’s little experiment (31 minutes – huh?).

Ben has money and passports at the ready to travel anywhere, anytime.

Sayid does sketchy, mercenary type-crap in the future.

Desmond technically gets off the island too. But he can’t be one of the Oceanic 6. Also, I have my doubts that the helicopter ride will be smooth sailing.

And on that bombshell – Sayid’s FutureBoss is…Ben Linus!

Yep, Ben has yet another list, and Sayid seems to be blindly following it, eliminating the names one by one. He’s doing all this to “protect his friends.” What does that mean exactly? You be the judge. People still on the island? The few that also got off?

Locke never found Jacob’s cabin, we still don’t know who Ben’s inside man is, we still don’t know anything about Walt, we still don’t know why Hurley will get off the island and Locke seems to be going more nutsy and we don’t know why his group continues to let him be the leader.

From next weeks previews, we know that Kate and Sawyer have a romp and we find out another one of the Oceanic 6. I know who it is. Ugh. 

See General Season 4 thoughts of Lost.

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“Confirmed Dead.” You can confirm it all you want, it’s still pretty suspicious. 

The Polar Bear is back! The polar bear is back! 

It began with OffTheIslandDanFaraday watching the news of someone finding flight 815 complete with 325 lost souls. He’s freaking out and when asked why, says “I don’t know.” Do you believe him (maybe he’s been drugged out of his gourd or hypnotized of Dharamized) or do you think he’s just lying? Wait is this in the future or in the past? Past, right?

The voice on the submersible refers to “the coordinates we pulled out of our guy’s map.” Hey, yeah, umm what guy?

DanFaraday and his crew are packing gas masks. So was Desmond’s predecessor. Tiny question. Who farted?

Backstory on Miles: He was a greedy spiritualist? Unscrupulous medium?

If Ben is in my group, I just whack him everytime he opens his mouth. You know his line of manipulation. Gag him.

Aptly named Faraday, (physicist established that magnetism could affect rays of light) comments on the density of the light rays on a particular spot on the island. Thud.

OffTheIslandCharlotte doesn’t believe the news of the wreckage found but is thrilled beyond belief at the Dharma/Hydra logo found on the remains of a polar bear in the desert of Tunisia.

Charlotte’s also surprised that Claire had a baby on the island.

Miles and Dan aren’t surprised these guys are Oceanic survivors. Charlotte is.

CrazyPilotGuy (Frank) was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815.

FlashbackAbaddon holds the party line when instructing Naomi “There were no survivors from flight 815.” Don’t ask any questions, just take your Breakfast Club of newbies (a headcase, a ghostbuster, and anthropologist and a drunk) and drop in on the Dharma Initiative for this covert military style operation that I’m paying you to do.

Who is Abaddon representing? Why did Naomi claim to be looking for Desmond? How come Desmond’s not even showing up in this episode? I’m bet Yunjin Kim’s father and Penny Widmore’s father are tied in to this somehow.

CrazyPilotGuy, or as we now know him, DrunkPilotGuy, lands his chopper perfectly but why is he injured. (I do like that all these guys got the same training. Play possum til people get real close to you then jump at them, preferably pulling your gun, if you have one).

The OtherOthers are just here for Ben. Who has been photographed in front of a computer monitor somewhat recently. Most probably off the island. Ben also knows who they are and Guess What? Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Staples Lewis. (which subtly brings to mind a certain Clive Staples Lewis or CS Lewis).

Kudos to Locke for at least asking about the smoke monster. But Ben’s lying about not knowing, right?

Ben knows about them because he has a man on their boat. Diggit.

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I think it’s fair to say that Lost creators are pretty cavalier with their fans. I have accepted that no matter what the ‘answers’ are (Is there some sort of alternative reality/universe going on? Are they in purgatory? Are they in a shared dream/hallucination?) I’m pretty much going to feel gyped. Since I have come to terms with that, it actually makes it easier to enjoy the show.

Although, I can’t understand why some of them want to leave so badly.

  • Kate is going straight to jail. Just because you were on a plane that crashed and you were stranded for 3 months doesn’t absolve you of murder. 
  • Sawyer has killed the man who did his momma wrong (which seemed to be the only thing he was living for).
  • Rose would return to Cancertown.
  • Locke would return to Paralysisistan.
  • Hurley doesn’t want to be a lottery winner anymore.
  • Jack has no one left. No dad, No wife. 
  • Claire was carrying Satan’s baby, if she gets off the island he’s headed straight back to his pre-ordained demon-child status.
  • Ben wouldn’t be King of the Brainwashed anymore.

Who does that leave? Sayid (lost his lady love), Juliet, Desmond and the Kims?

Which camp would you have joined? Jack or Locke’s?

Locke has already proven time and time again that he doesn’t want to get off the island. He’ll out and out destroy anyone’s options for getting off the island in favor of his own need to stay. I don’t know much about game theory but if you want to get off the island. He’s probably not the one to follow. He also has told you that he’s not a man of science or logic. I would like to be aligned with someone who likes to apply a bit of rationale to his decision making skill set.

Jack’s going straight out to find the NewOthers (or FreighterOthers or OtherOthers) even though he’s been warned they may not be who they claim. How come there isn’t a third group of cautiously hesitant people who might just want to hang back and see what these new people do when they land? I wanna be in that group. Follow Locke back to the barracks where the Others had been living, where they have houses and electricity and food and book clubs(!) and just give it a little time.

Check back tomorrow for our updates.

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I don’t really know what to feel. Lost is always like that for me. It’s like overindulging in Halloween candy. ‘What a good idea!’ you think while you’re eating it. Inevitably, you crash and regret your poor decision making skills.

Questions we are left to ponder:

  • Why would Jack shoot Locke at this stage in the game? Jack doesn’t kill people. He’s had a few chances with Ben. Never did it. And wouldn’t he be so elated at the fact that rescue is a heartbeat away that he wouldn’t be bothered with a pesky little thing like point blank execution?
  • Hurley’s visited by a strange man, subtly named Matthew Abbadon (abaddon Hebrew word meaning destruction), who wants to know whether the rest of the people on the island are still alive. Are They? Obviously something is still going on there because Future Hurley and MuchMoreFutureJack (with beard) agree that they need to go back.
  • Why did Hurley apologize for siding with Locke over Jack in the ‘Great Freighter – Is It Good Or Evil’ debate?
  • Is Jack’s dad Christian really Jacob or was he just seat filling in the rocking chair in Jacob’s cabin? Is Jacob the smoke monster? Can he take other forms?
  • Do you think that the person in the funeral parlor that Jack visits in LA is one of the other 6 who got off the island. Jack tells the funeral director he’s neither friend nor family. Could it be Ben or EyePatchy (I know he’s dead)?It doesn’t make much sense for it to be an Other since their referred to as the “Oceanic 6.”
  • Who are the other three who managed to get off the island? (My guess: Rose, the dog and the smoke monster, who now has a promising career as a supermodel if he can just maintain his size zero weight).
  • Why is Jack looking so puzzled at the man who’s come to save him? His name is Daniel Faraday. (Isn’t every name thunderous with meaning? Micheal Faraday – electomagnetcism (did you see that helicopter twist in the sky? -Faraday Cage, etc)

Thoughts? Predictions? Did you luuurve it?

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Lost. A Little Light Recap.

Lost returns tonight. Normally, I wouldn’t care as much but the dearth of television vying for my eyebobbles has forced me into a slump. Or at least muddied the waters of what I do and do not care about.

No. The real truth is more along the lines of…I was extremely bored throughout last season and then they gave a finale that screwed with my head. No doubt I was getting a little bored with your flashbacks. But giving me flash forwards? Oh, Lost, you silly impish prankster!

If you’re like me, you can’t remember what the heck happened last season. And that is where I can lend a helping hand.

Here are some highlights from the previous season finale:

  • The show opens with Jack on another plane, clearly in the future. (The Future, Ya’ll!). P.S. The future involves a narcotics addiction.
  • Naomi (the girl who dropped in on the Losties) is “helping” Jack arrange communications, and will notify her freighter their coordinates when they get to the radio tower.
  • Charlie’s getting his ass kicked by two fierce (very unfriendly) lady-friends in the underwater “Looking Glass Station” waiting to fulfill his destiny (of kicking it dead school or scoring the winged groupies of the afterlife)
  • The Losties are ambushing the Others (Juliet was supposed to be a secret agent for the Others and mark the tents of the pregnant gals but she joined the Losties side. And pulled the old double/triple crosseroo.
  • Sayid and Jin (and Bernard) are kidnapped during the ambush.
  • Locke was left for dead. (Oh gosh -Remember when Locke was with Ben, the leader of the Others. And we found out that Ben is only the de facto leader because he’s really taking orders from some other guy that only he can hear. Until Locke came along and he could hear him too. Then Ben realized Locke could give him a run for his money so he “killed” him).
  • Ben warns Jack that Naomi is a bad guy. Not who she says she is. This is confirmed by Penny Widmore. Once Charlie unblocks ‘whatever signals’ in the underwater station, Penny beeps in on the other line. Hurrah. She tells Charlie that she has no boat out to sea and knows no one named Naomi.
  • The Losties (with Ben as their captive) finally make it to the radio tower. De-clog the frequency. And Naomi is radioing her “boat” when she’s stabbed in the back by…John Locke. Ain’t nobody getting off that island while he’s around. (And we know they get off the island so – Draw whatever conclusions you wish).
  • Hurley used the old VW bug to vehicularly manslaughter the captors of Sayid, Jin and Bernard. The four of them, along with Sawyer and Juliet, are coolin’ out on the beach.
  • Losties make contact with whomever is on the boat/freighter and they’ve promised to be there in a jiff.
  • Last scene: FutureJack telling FutureKate that “we have to go back.”

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