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picture of trees from the Dismal SwampThe Great Dismal Swamp Stomp was an unexpectedly great event. I was a little apprehensive about this when I first got to the hotel. The expo was very small (I had only been to one other half marathon, but it had a huge expo). And I found that there were not direction to the race in my packet, nor was there a map of the course, but those were available on the web (thank goodness for smart phones). Sadly the map of the race didn’t include water stops, but other than that I was in pretty good shape once the race day dawned (well I hadn’t slept well, but that’s just par for the course on race night).
The race site itself was easy to find and parking was pretty ample. And there was already a band play at 7:00 in the morning. Now that is excellent. It was a laid back bluegrass kind of sound – just perfect for this race.
The course itself is fantastic. I love an out and back race. Somehow it makes the second half of the race seem easier (or at least familiar). There were plenty of water stops (the other benefit of an out and back course). The volunteers were very enthusiastic and were great about cheering us on. And it could not have been flatter. That was a perfectly flat and east track.
The after race snack was fantastic (hello pizza, I’m so happy to see you). The band continued to play and the race with the kids was cute. The shirts and medals were lovely.
I may not have had my best race, but that was mostly due to lack of training. The race itself is excellent and I would do it again.

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Before we get to anything else in this post, can I just say, I love the font and the titles for this show.  Seriously, not a huge thing, but I really do love them. 



Let’s go over the clichés before we get to the new stuff.  Our character (creature-monster-villain-hapless experimentee) for the week is a stock character.  We’ve all seen this guy before.  The hapless loser who has a dead end job and lives at home with his overbearing, sick mother.  The poor sucker will gain strange mysterious powers which will not help him get the girl of him dreams (who he is mildly stalking), but in fact cause him to lose his job.  This time we even gave the guy a funny name, Meeker, pronounced meager, which is a little punny. 


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Although this episode was called “Ghost Network”, the episode was hardly about that – and sadly, had no ghosts.

  The Ghost Network is a network that is on a different frequency than what is used for phones and radio transmissions, but if it could be tapped into, it would give someone a secret network that would allow them to communicate without anyone else knowing or hearing.  Except for the unlucky psychic.  

 But since we have to use either a cliché or an old idea, let us begin with laying out the ones we will use in tonight’s episode:  

 First, we have the premise that a psychic doesn’t know that he is a psychic, but is seeing visions of horrible things that are happening.  (Ugh, we’ve never seen that plot before?)  So, how did he get this strange power?  Well, once upon a time, Our Favorite Mad Scientist injects a strange metal potion to see if it would give him psychic powers, Lo and behold, he did not turn out to be a fire starter, but did get the psychic powers 20 years later.  Which he then uses to listen in on the phone conversations of Latin speaking bad guys (possibly from a drug cartel, who also know about the pattern) as they plot their nefarious deeds.  And then our intrepid FBI agent manages to stop them (but not before one of them commits suicide, so there is no possibility of getting answers from him).  And then we send our psychic home, where hopefully he will never be troubled by ghost network phone calls again.

I have to admit, part of the show was new.  I hadn’t really seen the “people trapped in an amber like substance” bit before.  And I did enjoy that.  Sure it seems like overkill for the bad guys to do that just to get a mysterious glass disk from someone (that is a lot of dead bodies).   And also, I’m always happy to see Latin getting props on TV (in a non-exorcism, or witchy setting).  So it wasn’t all recycled, which is good.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode, but I’m still not sure its going to be a great show.

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Saw the IMAX Shine the Light Stones concert the other night.  The Audio alone is worth the price of admission. You can tell the Mick and the boys have had not ‘work’ done on there appearances.  They do look their age.  I wish I had their energy.

Link to the site http://www.shinealightmovie.com/.

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In this writer-striken season of pablum (Cashmere Mafia. – It’s Sex and the City but with four Miranda’s!), one tends to be more excited by things than normal.

Are you excited about Survivor?

In truth, it should be called Fans Vs. Contestants.

I haven’t watched every season of Survivor but I am pop culturally aware of almost all the past seasons. I don’t recognize half these people. More truthfully, it could be titled: Fans Vs. People-Who-Don’t-Have-Anything- Better-To-Do-And-Who-Are-Looking-to-Extend-Their-15-Minutes-of-Fame.

In reading more about this season it seems that perennial blow-hard/host Jeff Probst has a long standing beef with Johnny Fairplay (Fairplay insulted his brother). Probst says about Fairplay, “I feel like I can eat his lunch all day every day and pack it for him and steal it again.”

Ooooh. My favorite kind of trash talk. The delicious kind.

Will you watch?

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Yes. It’s that time again.

We’re introducing another weekly feature.

This time, advertising doozies (or don’tzies) of the past.


All in all this was a more effective remedy than the hammer and mallet remedy of the previous decade. 

But this product obviously fell by the wayside with the introduction of the much more affordable Crack Rock Headache and Toothache Powder. It is said to be tied to the FBI and the Sandinistas, but I never was clear on how.

 Another product that didn’t stand the test of time: Heroin Blood Thinners. It was hard to teach users how to tie off and shoot up. Pharmacies had to hire additional staff to teach the masses, like they do today with the syringe and the orange if you have the diabeetus.

*Yes, this is an admittedly terrible turn of phrase. If you can think of a better one, let us know. We’re happy to change days.

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Sarah Silverman was on (her boyfriend) Jimmy Kimmel’s tv show and had some things she needed to get off her chest. Or off her “apples.” Whatever.

SPOILER ALERT: The name of the song is “I’m f***ing Matt Damon. It is, however, all bleeped out.

Matt Damon delivers some awesome back-ups. And a big ‘Thank You’ to Matt for constantly referring to himself in the third person. I think it makes him seem like an even bigger movie star than he is.

This video seems to be taking the piss out of Matt Damon’s rock star turn in Eurotrip. With a song that is fairly infectious (by Lustra) called “Scotty Doesn’t Know.”

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