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When I first looked at it, I thought the message was something along the lines as “smooth as a baby”

But then I read the line, ‘Begin Early. Shave Yourself.’ So maybe, it’s so safe, a baby can use it. Or ‘If you start shaving young maybe you can get a five o’clock shadow going before you’re 7’?

Doc Ad, what’s the deal with this ad???


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Wow, Ad Wednesday

Seems like a cute ad. (Thank goodness, it doesn’t seem to be dirty or sexual or anything…I was beginning to think Doc Ad had some sort of weird bet). But automobile advertisements, that’s something I can get behind.

If I understand correctly Peugot is advertising their fast reaction time. 

Tell me Doc Ad, is this a good campaign?

Maybe if I saw a series…


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I am absolutely befuddled by this advert.

No idea what is being sold me. No idea what the concept is. I plead ignorance.

Am I being bullied? Frightened? Tickled?

Help us, Doc Ad!




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Sometimes I get annoyed with the anthropomorphizing of animals…But fruit?

Now you have really gone too far, Advertising World.

I need a shower. For both me and my amazingly sensuous melons.

I feel like someone is trying to put their odd perversions in my head, trying to share their personal, screwed-up proclivities with the entire world. “See, I told you, everyone gazes longingly at their own peaches* every now and again, Tom.”

*It’s so contagious that everytime I think of which fruit to place in one of these sentences, I feel dirty. Try substituting strawberries, figs, kumquats – almost anything and have it not sound slightly dirty!

Tell us, Do Ad, Why do we need to look at our fruit in this new, much sexier manner?


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(Subtitled: Ab Ovo Ad Ovum)

I think, in the future we will come to view this as eggstremely eggregious. Eggistentially speaking, We are better than this! We start off with Bin Laden, (the arch-eggemy who currently dictates our entire foreign policy)

(Has the thought crossed your mind that unless Doc Ad gets here (and we don’t want to egg on our favorite media commentator) quick you’re in for a lot more where that came from? Cause you’d be eggactly right!)

This is going to be eggasperating. Suckers!

If you’re not with me now, you will be…But wait! There’s more. It’s a whole campaign. Yay!


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Wow! Wednesday is right. These guys are frolicking and saving money! And if you ran this ad these days, you could run it under the guys guise of being very “green” or “enviroinmentally conscious”, rather than the more obvious, “homoerotic“.

Doc Ad, we are begging the question, “Why did they put their heads together?” And what on earth is so darned funny? Let us in on the joke, please.


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Your target demographic is women. Got it.



Tab Energy. In all actuality, this ad should involve the question, “Do you like to eat a handful of sweet-tarts and wash it down with Robitussin? Then we have an energy drink for you!”

 ‘Fuel to be Fabulous’ would seem to target a more homosexual market but the “deliciously pink drink because women need a different kind of energy” seems fairly specific. Women need energy to rip you a new one when they’re PMSing…or antiquing. Women need the energy to birth your babies and put up with your drunk friends who can’t believe that the Sawks aren’t gonna win another pennant…

Ugh…Being a woman is hard. Where is my TabEnergy? Or at the very least my amazingly smoooove Doc Ad? (more…)

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