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I am absolutely befuddled by this advert.

No idea what is being sold me. No idea what the concept is. I plead ignorance.

Am I being bullied? Frightened? Tickled?

Help us, Doc Ad!




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Yes. It’s that time again.

We’re introducing another weekly feature.

This time, advertising doozies (or don’tzies) of the past.


All in all this was a more effective remedy than the hammer and mallet remedy of the previous decade. 

But this product obviously fell by the wayside with the introduction of the much more affordable Crack Rock Headache and Toothache Powder. It is said to be tied to the FBI and the Sandinistas, but I never was clear on how.

 Another product that didn’t stand the test of time: Heroin Blood Thinners. It was hard to teach users how to tie off and shoot up. Pharmacies had to hire additional staff to teach the masses, like they do today with the syringe and the orange if you have the diabeetus.

*Yes, this is an admittedly terrible turn of phrase. If you can think of a better one, let us know. We’re happy to change days.

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