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Who doesn’t want to look good and loose weight?


The theory behind these is solid. For years wrestlers and boxers have run around in garbage bags trying to loose a little extra to make weight, so the sweat out pounds while your body is encased in plastic, is not breaking any new ground. But these do certainly make a statement. I can see myself doing a little light gardening in these babies. Going for a bike ride, washing the car, making dinner or just watching tv – these can go anywhere!

They’re so cute, I know I wouldn’t be surprised to see myself and others cruising the mall in them.

Wonder Sauna Long Hot Pants: Reduces Waist, Tummy, Hips and Thighs.

You’re gonna look good and have that killer hour glass figure. Only the hour glass refers to your now disproportionately fat shoulders and calves. (Wah-wah).

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