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William Howard Taft


Nicked Names

  • Old Bill
  • Big Lub
  • FattyFatty 2×4 Can’t Fit Thru The Bathroom Door
  • The 27th President, 10th Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, 1st Provisional Governor of Cuba, 42nd US Secretary of War, 1st Civil Governor of the Philippines, 5th US Solicitor General, 1st in line at a buffet


Taft is really the president that ought to be known as the Trustbuster. He busted over 80, beating that so-called buster (Teddy ‘Not as Busted’ Roosevelt) by about 40. Taft just didn’t happen to rail against business in his rhetoric. That’s right Taft is twice the buster TR ever was, suckas!


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 Theodore Roosevelt


  • Theodore the Meddler
  • Trustbuster
  • TR or Teddy
  • The Cyclone Assemblyman
  • Rough Rider and Hero of San Juan Hill
  • Old Four Eyes
  • The Lion

(Walk softly and stand near a big globe).


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Here’s a quick quiz so see if you’d pass 8th grade science.

I would in no way like to share my grade with you.

Apropos of nothing, I would like to take a minute to say that my middle school was a classical arts magnet school and we did have all sorts of dance, music, theater, band, orchestra, jazz bands, etc. 

My school might not have spent their entire budget on the science department. My class was in a basement. My teacher quit in the first quarter, replaced by a substitute for 2 months, ending with a new permanent teacher for the last quarter. And I think there was another pregnant lady in there somewhere.

None of this reflects in my awesome score on this test. I’m just sayin’…

Seriously, I did fine on the test. I just don’t happen to want to talk about it. Just feeling a little shy. I did really well, though – Honest.

Shut it!

Move along.

Take the test yourself. You can tell me how you did. I won’t tell anyone else. Honest. Swearsies!

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James K. Polk (1845-1849)

  • Young Hickory -Because he was backed by “Old Hickory,” Andrew Jackson
  • Napoleon of the Stump -Due to fiery speeches at the stump
  • Dark Horse Candidate – Le Duh.

(Wait. – Are you seeing what I’m seeing? James Polk rocked a mullet. Kudos).

When Polk took office he had four clear objectives:

  • Purchase of California from Mexico
  • Reduction of tariffs
  • Re-establish the Independent Treasury System
  • Acquire part or all of the Oregon territory

Resolved to only serve one term, Polk accomplished all four of his goals. (Are you loving Polk yet? Doesn’t he seem like a breath of fresh air?)


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