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Wow! Wednesday is right. These guys are frolicking and saving money! And if you ran this ad these days, you could run it under the guys guise of being very “green” or “enviroinmentally conscious”, rather than the more obvious, “homoerotic“.

Doc Ad, we are begging the question, “Why did they put their heads together?” And what on earth is so darned funny? Let us in on the joke, please.


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So, I don’t know what year this would have been?

Maybe, 19-Oh-Racist?

The message seems clear. You want to get rid of rats, mice, bedbugs, flies or roaches? Buy a box of chinamen for 15 cents! They will eat you out of your problem. Ugh.


We are making fun of the diets of coolie-hat wearing asians, right? Good work agency du jour

But for in-depth analysis, let’s consult the expert…

Some say he invented the infomercial, but he has repeatedly denied it, although never under oath.  Others say he abhors tomato juice, but loves a Bloody Mary.  No matter, he is the Doctor, and he is preferred by your provider.


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So, tough sell…trying to make a language course into a sexy, interesting or otherwise note-worthy advert.

Hu-zzah! Learn On The Go language courses.

Body copy reads:

“They Used to Sacrifice People Here – If they start old habits, wouldn’t you like to talk them out of it?”

If this isn’t exactly racist, then at the very least it’s xenophobic. I’m not sure about the origins of this ad but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it were British. It smacks of their imperialistic disdain for the natives. Tut, Tut.

The alarms sounds (a scantily clad native bellows on his conch shell (Ahh-OOO-gah!)) beckoning to him and out from his hut stumbles… DOC AD!


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Are you a go-getter? Got things to do? Places to be? Well, then Old Crow is the liquid depressant for you. Stop Ambition in it’s tracks. You don’t want to be tied down with a job, a mortgage, or responsibilities, do you? Take up a life drinking and those worries will be a thing of the past.

Another solid ad from the world of hard liquor. Old Crow is clearly positioning itself as the liquor for those on the go. (A niche market that may exhaust itself too quickly).


I wish the tagline had been “The Out On The Town, During the Day Bourbon”


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Who doesn’t want to look good and loose weight?


The theory behind these is solid. For years wrestlers and boxers have run around in garbage bags trying to loose a little extra to make weight, so the sweat out pounds while your body is encased in plastic, is not breaking any new ground. But these do certainly make a statement. I can see myself doing a little light gardening in these babies. Going for a bike ride, washing the car, making dinner or just watching tv – these can go anywhere!

They’re so cute, I know I wouldn’t be surprised to see myself and others cruising the mall in them.

Wonder Sauna Long Hot Pants: Reduces Waist, Tummy, Hips and Thighs.

You’re gonna look good and have that killer hour glass figure. Only the hour glass refers to your now disproportionately fat shoulders and calves. (Wah-wah).

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