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(Subtitled: Ab Ovo Ad Ovum)

I think, in the future we will come to view this as eggstremely eggregious. Eggistentially speaking, We are better than this! We start off with Bin Laden, (the arch-eggemy who currently dictates our entire foreign policy)

(Has the thought crossed your mind that unless Doc Ad gets here (and we don’t want to egg on our favorite media commentator) quick you’re in for a lot more where that came from? Cause you’d be eggactly right!)

This is going to be eggasperating. Suckers!

If you’re not with me now, you will be…But wait! There’s more. It’s a whole campaign. Yay!


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Your target demographic is women. Got it.



Tab Energy. In all actuality, this ad should involve the question, “Do you like to eat a handful of sweet-tarts and wash it down with Robitussin? Then we have an energy drink for you!”

 ‘Fuel to be Fabulous’ would seem to target a more homosexual market but the “deliciously pink drink because women need a different kind of energy” seems fairly specific. Women need energy to rip you a new one when they’re PMSing…or antiquing. Women need the energy to birth your babies and put up with your drunk friends who can’t believe that the Sawks aren’t gonna win another pennant…

Ugh…Being a woman is hard. Where is my TabEnergy? Or at the very least my amazingly smoooove Doc Ad? (more…)

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I am not quite sure… is there a subliminal entendre somewhere in this ad? You get a fat knuckle sandwich if you find it! Excuse me but it seems she is opening her mouth to drink in the awful stench of a penny cigar? That can’t possibly be right!

















Bottomline: Women find a cigarello the epitome of C-L-A-S-S. – Or is it K-L-A-S-S? Doesn’t matter.

And men, is there anything sexier than a women who shadows you everywhere you go? “Where are you going now? Don’t leave. Let me come too.” Ugh. Women.

Let’s ring up a man who knows the truth…



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Settle in, people; this one is seriously text-rich. And it involves the old gimmick where Kleenex doesn’t need to pay their ad agency because they ask people to send in their stories gratis. Unless it was the agency’s idea – then, Kleenex pays them but they don’t actually have to do any work. Whatevs.



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