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  • Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan got word that he was fired at 7:30am Thanksgiving morning outside the arena as he and his wife were handing out turkeys as part of an outreach program. Do you think someone just came over to him and said, “You know what Eddie? I think you might just be in the wrong line. Get on the other side of the table with the other unemployed people.”
  • A part time worker at Wal-Mart got trampled to death under the throngs of Black Friday shoppers. What has happened to us as a society when no one notices a man dying in their frenzied rush to get $19 off a crock pot? Even a free XBOX does not warrant overlooking a man’s death.
  • CBS got the privilege of airing the match-up everybody was clamoring to see…10-1 Tennessee took on the unblemished 0-11 Detroit Lions. In case you missed it, I won’t tell you who won. The highlights lowlights are surely worth it.
  • Two customers shot each other in a California Toys ‘R Us. Police say it had nothing to do with toys. They both thought they heard Tickle Me Elmo say some stuff about them. And then he got handsy. And then he just laughed and laughed and laughed at them.
  • And on the bright side, ROSIE! LIVE! is no more. No future variety shows to make sure you miss. Although Dustin Diamond, Charo, Gallagher, Richard Simmons, and Carnie Wilson have to face the sad fact that one of their few opportunities to get back on tv are gone.

No matter who you spent the holiday with, at least you got an extra long weekend. Maybe that just meant two more days of travel or two more days with Uncle Walter or two more days of godforsaken turkey leftovers (that bird does not get more juicy the longer it sits in the fridge!) However you spent it, I hope it was wonderful!

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I cannot believe that someone so close to me worked for a Japanese company and failed to mention this holiday tradition. It’s Brillz, people!

Bonenkai is a “forget the year” gathering. The aim is quite simple and straightforward – to help you forget the unpleasantness of the the year.

What does this entail? Do you write your troubles down on strips of paper, place them on tine sailboats and set them sail? Do you go to a temple and kneel in prayer in some sort of syncretized Buddhist/Shinto ceremony? Do you burn notes of the wrongs you have done and have been done to you? Write your apologizes in the soot?

No, no, no, no, no, no, No! You foolish simpletons. You get drunk on the company dime.

Here’s to you, boozers!

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