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We here in Austin are lucky enough to have access to a unique salad dressing.

Unique in the fact that it’s local but, unfortunately, it is marketed in the absolute wrong way.

Here’s what some of our readers have to say:

  • “Should be called ‘Lower Colon Decimator’.”
  • “If Jackson Pollack worked in fecal matter, he’d have a sure fire hit on his hands.”
  • “When you want an excuse to leave a meeting – and wipe from ankles to forehead, look no further!”
  • “If you’ve been waiting for that really good excuse to thoroughly clean your toilet, THIS IS IT!
  • “Ana’s and Bulimics of the world: REJOICE! No more down time waiting for a laxative to kick in!”
  • “Should be packaged with a four pack of Charmin!”
  • “Tastes Great – Less Filling.”
If they only marketed this as super-direct way to empty your bowels, they’d be rolling in the dough (or something). No laxative, no metamucil…one teaspoon of this and I guarantee you’re in the bathroom within 12 minutes! – It doesn’t matter your constitution!
Bravo, Mr. Oka, Bravo!
If only I had this information days ago – –¬†Oh, well. Next time, then.

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