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Pentultimate episode of the season. We open on the Oceanic Six being rescued. Jack’s still the leader. Telling them how to deal with the media that awaits.

FLASHCURRENT: The chopper is overheard to be landing over the Orchid, which none of the Losties know is another Dharma station. Jack is trying to be a hero (a-gain) even though he just had surgery.

Turns out Dan Faraday knows what the Orchid station is all about and tells Charlotte, “We have to get off this island tight now!” 

FUTURE: Oceanic has a press conference with The 6; offering a lot of crazy manufactured details. The press is pretty harsh with them. (‘You guys look pretty healthy for being on an island’) It should be a fluff piece! Sayid and Nadia are re-united.

One group if off to the freighter with Jin and Sun and Aaron and some random people. So we know the fate of them is not certain.

FLASHFORWARD: Sun shows up at her father’s company, pregnant and gaining control of her life and her father’s company. She got her money and bought controlling interest in dad’s biz. And she blames dad for Jin’s death.


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Sooo… Whadjya think about the future of Kack (or Jate – or whatever the kids are calling their favorite Lostie coupling these days)?

I admit, my favorite part was Sawyer calling Miles, “Donger” for all the Sixteen Candles fans out there.

So Flashing into the future, Kate and Jack reconcile (like rabbits) and Jack is a stable, well-adjusted practicing doctor and participant in life. But…

Hurley still visits with (GhostOfDead) Charlie, who has a message for Jack, “not to raise him.” We should be getting more insight into the cur-sed nature of Aaron soon.

You know what drives a person over the edge, into pill popping territory? Being engaged to Kate. Boo-Yah!

Jack read ALice in Wonderland to Aaron, and the camera paused on it on the bookshelf a time or too. We get it. This is a transitional period. They’re setting up the resolve. I like it.

It also sets up a nice Christian Shepard as the White Rabbit that Jack chases hither and yon.


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In some sort of brilliant marketing idea, two head writers for CBS shows are switching roles and writing for the others’ show. Sounds kinda neat, right?

Some opportunities to open up creatively. Stretch your legs, get out of your rut. But the two shows?

CSI and Two and a Half Men. Huh? Those two shows couldn’t be more different.

We think that you’ll be able to tell when you see the episodes. Expect to see Grissom bedding Catherine Willows. Grissom teasing Nick relentlessly about being a loser that no woman would have, about being broke, about loosing women to other women.  It’s going to be wall-to-wall laugh tracks on CSI!

We also know that Two and Half Men will have to start with an opening song from The Who. I predict it’ll be “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” (or possibly “Pinball Wizard”). Also, predicting that Charlie will wake up with a dead body in his bed. Charlie and Alan will proceed to figure out what happened using tackle-boxes filled with flashlights and Q-tips.  Expect many beautiful overhead vista shots from helicopters  everytime we come back from commercial. Maybe the Miniature Killer makes a pitstop in Malibu? Little diorama left on the doorstep of our favorite two and one half men.

NBC will be up next. Expect Marc Cherry and Carlton Cuse to change places and the we”ll see a polar bear chained in the basement of the newest neighbors on Wisteria Lane. No more gossip between the ladies of Desperate Housewives, now they’ll learn useful information that could help their friends, but they won’t share the tiniest morsel, just like on Lost!  No talking to each other.  But we the viewers will learn all about the H-wives via flashbacks and flashforwards.  Maybe another neighborhood will come in to play (The Others)?

Meanwhile on the beaches of Lost, Kate gets locked out of her tent completely naked (“She’s so klutzy and kooky!”). Sun’s baby is really Sayid’s, not Jin’s. Hurley’s coming out of the closet. The Voice Over woman will probably parachute into the neighborhood. And Bernard and Rose? Their secret is going to rock you to your core…

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Lost. A Little Light Recap.

Lost returns tonight. Normally, I wouldn’t care as much but the dearth of television vying for my eyebobbles has forced me into a slump. Or at least muddied the waters of what I do and do not care about.

No. The real truth is more along the lines of…I was extremely bored throughout last season and then they gave a finale that screwed with my head. No doubt I was getting a little bored with your flashbacks. But giving me flash forwards? Oh, Lost, you silly impish prankster!

If you’re like me, you can’t remember what the heck happened last season. And that is where I can lend a helping hand.

Here are some highlights from the previous season finale:

  • The show opens with Jack on another plane, clearly in the future. (The Future, Ya’ll!). P.S. The future involves a narcotics addiction.
  • Naomi (the girl who dropped in on the Losties) is “helping” Jack arrange communications, and will notify her freighter their coordinates when they get to the radio tower.
  • Charlie’s getting his ass kicked by two fierce (very unfriendly) lady-friends in the underwater “Looking Glass Station” waiting to fulfill his destiny (of kicking it dead school or scoring the winged groupies of the afterlife)
  • The Losties are ambushing the Others (Juliet was supposed to be a secret agent for the Others and mark the tents of the pregnant gals but she joined the Losties side. And pulled the old double/triple crosseroo.
  • Sayid and Jin (and Bernard) are kidnapped during the ambush.
  • Locke was left for dead. (Oh gosh -Remember when Locke was with Ben, the leader of the Others. And we found out that Ben is only the de facto leader because he’s really taking orders from some other guy that only he can hear. Until Locke came along and he could hear him too. Then Ben realized Locke could give him a run for his money so he “killed” him).
  • Ben warns Jack that Naomi is a bad guy. Not who she says she is. This is confirmed by Penny Widmore. Once Charlie unblocks ‘whatever signals’ in the underwater station, Penny beeps in on the other line. Hurrah. She tells Charlie that she has no boat out to sea and knows no one named Naomi.
  • The Losties (with Ben as their captive) finally make it to the radio tower. De-clog the frequency. And Naomi is radioing her “boat” when she’s stabbed in the back by…John Locke. Ain’t nobody getting off that island while he’s around. (And we know they get off the island so – Draw whatever conclusions you wish).
  • Hurley used the old VW bug to vehicularly manslaughter the captors of Sayid, Jin and Bernard. The four of them, along with Sawyer and Juliet, are coolin’ out on the beach.
  • Losties make contact with whomever is on the boat/freighter and they’ve promised to be there in a jiff.
  • Last scene: FutureJack telling FutureKate that “we have to go back.”

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