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I cannot stand this ‘Henny-Penny/Chicken-Little’ Attitude with the media lately.

The sky is not falling and the world is not going to hell in a handbasket.

But we are lead to believe it day in and day out.

Case(s) In Point:

  • For 18 months we have heard that we are in a recession. All Economic indicators have proven that the economy has actually gained traction and has not even been flat-lining in the last 12 month. We have gained ground. We have earned money. We are not technically in a recession. Yes, you may feel a pinch, gas has gone up and groceries have gone up. But our national economy and all of us who pay money into it have not lost money.
  • Foreclosures are Up.Totally true. But according to the news media, everyone is losing their home. Absolutely not true. In the last 5 fiscal quarters, sub-prime mortgages going into foreclosure have increased 3 percent. All other mortgage foreclosure rates have increased one half a percentage point.
  • Lehman Brothers, a blue chip, stalwart organization has gone to ruin. Lehman Brothers was bought out years ago, 2 guys left to become billionaires, another got the name after AmEx sold it to him. It is a 14 year company with a 158 year old name.

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