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We all know now that “Meet Kevin Johnson” refers to Micheal. So, let’s review – Micheal was ready to kill 2 strangers (Ana Lucia and Libby) to rescue the man (Ben) he had to, to save his son (Walt).


(Yay, Miles doesn’t have a grenade in his mouth anymore) Locke brings Miles in for a little tete a tete (or tete a lotsa people, whatever). Ben confesses Micheal is Ben’s spy on the boat.


Captain Gault is having a bit of a hard time regulating his staff. Sayid confronts Micheal about why he’s on the boat. He’s here to quote unquote: Die. DuntDuntDuntDunnnn…. 


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Or, if you’re like me, clicking on Google today made you wonder, “Is it national Pin Cushion Day?”


Those are tulips. It’s March 2o. The vernal equinox. Spring is trying to spring.

Got it.

What happened on this day in history? Any famous people born on March 20?


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