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This 1913 book was reprinted in the UK last fall, simply titled “Don’ts for Husbands”


A nice and tidy rule book to help your wife life run a little more smoothly.

Some highlights include:

Don’t ‘talk down’ to your wife. She has as much intelligence as your colleagues at the office; she lacks only opportunity. Talk to her of anything you would of a man and you would be surprised how she expands. – You keep yammering on, and she keeps reaching for more cookies by the handful. Oh my, how she expands!

Don’t say your wife wastes time in reading, even if she only reads fiction.- Don’t even pretend your wife can read. You really shouldn’t patronize women. It is an ugly character trait.

Don’t sharpen pencils all over the house. It does not improve either the carpets or the servants’ tempers to find pencil sharpenings all over the house. – Seriously. The servants will  revolt. Take my word for it. Enough with the sharpening of all those bloody pencils already. Your house is not the cage of a guinea pig.

Don’t try and regulate every aspect of your wife’s life. Even a wife is an individual and must be allowed some scope.– This one is a head-scratcher. Who is the boss again? The husband! Why do we choose to persist with a charade?

Don’t keep all your jokes for your male friends. Let your wife share them.– Don’t let your wife share your jokes; she’ll butcher them! “And then , the man says…Oh wait, I forgot the punchline again.” Dagnabbit.

Don’t try and “drive” your wife. You will find it much easier to “lead” her. – Wives are much like horses. Also, teach her to how to properly chew her cud. And don’t forget to air out her blankets when they become drenched in sweat as it improves her disposition greatly.

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