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Before we get into our list, we provide this UTube Clip for a trailer for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” only edited to resemble Brokeback Mountain. Sometimes, when taking a break from all the porn, I realize that the interent is a great place for all the lonely, bored and idle hands of the world. Thanks internet nerds! This two and a half minute clip may be funnier than the entire 90 minute movie…You  be the judge.


Now onto our list…  (in no particular order)

A Christmas Story. It’s probably on everyone’s list by now and the fact of the matter is that no one really has to watch it anymore. Back when the powers that be retired “It’s a Wonderful Life” only to let it out of it’s cage once a year, they needed something to replay ad infinitum  in its stead. They chose A Christmas Story. And they ran that into the ground. Don’t let that sully its reputation. Still, a classic.  Recommended for: Todays kids who’s parents would never ever allow them to have a Red Rider B-B Gun, even if they knew what a B-B gun was (or where ever allowed to play out of doors unattended.)

The Ref. One that flew under the radar a bit. But any movie that makes your own family’s dysfunction pale by comparison (or at least remind you that it’s okay to laugh at that dysfunction) redeems itself in my eyes. Recommended for: Everyone in my family.


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Zen Koan


If you set a movie in South Boston, can it be made if there are no characters named either ‘Paulie,’ ‘Jimmy’ or ‘Doyle’?

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I’ve heard some people say, “Who even cares about them anymore?”

But when you learn – SPOILER ALERT  that no one dies. And that, more importantly, Mr Big’s real name is John Preston, I think you’ve learned enough.

 We can fully support that as the most awesome, most deserving name for some epic, vaunted and dreamy character in a  sitcom.

Oh wait. His full name is John James Preston.

We could also endorse a ‘Jimmy Preston’.

That sounds like a good name to us too.


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Saw the IMAX Shine the Light Stones concert the other night.  The Audio alone is worth the price of admission. You can tell the Mick and the boys have had not ‘work’ done on there appearances.  They do look their age.  I wish I had their energy.

Link to the site http://www.shinealightmovie.com/.

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