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Sitting on my porch with my dog Dash, all I could do was shout “Are you kidding me” when the Michigan State Spartans pulled off a flawless fake field goal in overtime to beat the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  It was near midnight and I’m standing up, shouting at my TV and Dash doesn’t even wake up. It was classic!  I loved it.


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The running game continues to be a strength as the Michigan State Spartans roll past Florida Atlantic at Ford Field in Detroit.  Give it up for Edwin Baker!


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Going back 140 years (through the 2009/2010 season), and using the NCAA as the source, here are the top 10 schools and the percentage of winning games:

1. Michigan  73.663%

2. Notre Dame  73.396%

3. Texas  72.032%

4. Ohio State  71.653%

5. Oklahoma  71.534%

6. Alabama  70.678%

7. Southern Cal  70.599%

8. Nebraska  70.116%

9. Tennessee  69.247%

10. Penn State  69.103%

Three of the top 10 are Big Ten schools. I like that. Add Nebraska in 2011 and we’ve got four of the top 10.

Ohio State moved form #5 to #4, overtaking Oklahoma.

If you want to see the big list, click here.

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I love a Spartan victory.


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College football is back and I’m really fired up.

Go Spartans! Go BigTen!

I might even try the BigTen Network on-demand this year for MSU games not televised.

I wonder how Michigan will do this year, and will it be good enough to save RichRod? Or Notre Dame, will they show indications of a return to glory? Or Ohio State / Iowa / Wisconsin / Penn State; will they all live up to expectations? Do you think Nebraska will win the Big12 in their last year in the conference before joining the BigTen?

It’s going to be fun watching it all unfold.

I’m not very successful at predictions, but I do think MSU will be much improved over last year, and I think they will be more in the hunt for the BigTen then people think. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

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Notre Dame has fired Charlie Weis.  I never liked Weis, and he turned me off of Notre Dame football for the last five years.  I’m glad that’s over with.  GO IRISH!

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Stanford 45, Notre Dame 38. What a fun game to watch, and very likely Charlie Weis’ last at Notre Dame. Yep folks, it looks like my least favorite coach in college football has finally come to the end of the road.


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