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This is a good ad.

This woman is dazzlingly beautiful but now we know the horrors that lurk beneath her smile. She’s hiding a mouth full of unspeakable stink. (Yay!). Sometimes we can thank our lucky stars that we cannot smell a photograph. (Shudder). I only wish there was some sort of colorized green mustard-gas escaping from her vile mouth to drive the point home.

Thanks for making me doubt my already shaky self-esteem, Advertising Community. Thousands will lose friends due to the rampant outbreak of bad breath. Omigod. Paranoia has set in.

I learned a few things about bad breath. Bad breath is caused by constipation (which also causes loss of appetite, weakness, nervousness, and mental dullness. – Good news, Maybe Billy’s not so dumb after all, just constipated!).

These magical olive tablets “stimulate the flow of bile from the liver.” How graphically medicinal!

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