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What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with these people?


These kids don’t seem to be remotely excited by the fact that they have R2D2 at their muthafriggin shindig!

Better yet: R2D2 is sporting a tux. He’s like the James Bond of droids, people. Can’t you muster anything? The rest of your life is only gonna be downhill from here kids.

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Photo 400. No title, no date


“Why is Nona taking the picture? She’s the one who is seasick.”

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The Clown is Scaring Me, Mommy, Make Him Go Away

Guaranteed that Grampa is on the balcony with an arsenal of water balloons.  Bastard ruins everything with his WWII flashbacks.

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You Caption It…

“No need to put your arm out Katie, your outfit will repel all the men on its own.”

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