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It’s sunny outside.  Chilly, but sunny, which means I’m thinking about Spring and Summer.  And why not?  It’s been an ass-chapping cold winter (for The South, that is) and I’ve been all Bean Boots and Sorels for months.  I’ve worn all of my Patagonia and Fox River socks every single week since before the holidays, and that hasn’t happened since I moved away from the snow and cold 13 years ago.  So I’m ready to be done with that and I’m looking ahead.

When I think of Spring, I think of no socks.  I’m a big fan of not wearing socks.  I’m sitting in my kitchen wearing Bean Bluchers sans socks right now.  But I’m really thinking more along the lines of tennis shoes.  Not specifically for playing tennis, but more the generic sense.  Brits call the trainers.  Some folks call them sneakers or tennies.  Whatever, you know what I mean.  Something familiar, comfortable, easy, functional, etc.


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