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It’s not just for dog-lovers anymore.

Or ferrets.

Or ducks.


Yes. Now you can walk your goldfish!

Hopefully there will not be an uptick in goldfish parks.

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I just realized that my dog is an awesome impressionist. Like Rich Little in his prime, circa 1988, still doing a bang-up aping of Nixon.

Right now Dog Dash can do like 2 different slamdunk, knock it out of the park impressions.

1.  He can contort his body in such a way that he looks exactly  like a dead puppy. And…

2.  He does an outstanding Marlon Brando (from the Godfather) impression when he puts an ice cube in his mouth sideways .

And, I almost forgot, #3. – Dash can turn in a very solid Drowned Rat after his bath.

PS – He also does a great Nicholson and Christopher Walken – but I mean, c’mon…everybody can do those. They don’t even count.

Check back later, we’re trying to teach him an Edward G. Robinson. We’ll see how he takes to it.

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Sometimes when I’m rubbing puppy’s belly, I like to coo in her ears and tell her that she’s the cutest pup in the whole land.
But I also use that opportunity to remind her that she should really develop some extra tricks and/or skills because pretty soon, she’s gonna grow up and she won’t be as cute anymore.

cavalier king charles spaniel ruby puppy

People will no longer clamor over her at the Target. Walking down the street will no longer cause cars to slow down and make every other human stop to give her the undiluted adulation. She will have to prostitute herself on the street. Perform a few tricks just to get some of the attention she had once taken for granted.

It’s a tough world out there (some would say ‘Dog eat dog’). And you can’t get by on your looks forever.

The glory days of youth are fleeting.

The world is cruel to the aged.

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Who’s is that handsome son of a bitch?



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BREAKING NEWS: One of the Vice Presidential candidates will recuse him/herself this week!

I have it on good authority that early this week there will be a shake-up in the vice presidential race. It is the October Surprise that we’ve all come to expect.

 Following Palin’s tragic interview with Katie Couric and the McCain camp refusing to allow her to show up (or spin) at the Presidential debate last Friday, and Sen. Joe Biden’s gaffes of insisting FDR was not only president during the stock market crash of 1929 but, that he also appeared on television to reassure Americans; Americans are demanding a different Vice Presidential candidate. 

One of the candidates will  back out. We have reliable information on who will be replaced and who that replacement will be.

Click to Find Out.


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Kitten Come In?

You know, we started calling her PatrolKitty and that got shortened to PK and that morphed into Peekers. Which turned out to be very prescient as she spends a lot of time peeking into our windows and doors, wanting t o be allowed entry. 

So, this is a daily occurrence.

Can you relate?

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We’re not really breaking new ground here but in case you haven’t seen the internet sensation that is LolCats, there are pleny of sites devoted to it. Hey, deep down people dothink cats are cute. And, we do have a base need to anthropomorphize the animals around us. So these sites do satisfy a deep craving.

Seriously, this kind of thing would normally be the exact kind of thing I hate. But I have laughed. You should laugh too.


Apparently these memes are so popular, you can still register to attend the first ever ROFLCon in April at Harvard. The LOLCats, LOLCode, LOLSecretz, Chuck Norris Facts and Paperclip to House Guy will all be in attendance. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of history.

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