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The AP and USA Today put MSU at #10, but the sages at the BCS take them down a notch to #11. I guess beating a 1-9 Minnesota doesn’t impress the computers all that much.

Elsewhere in the Big Ten…

  • Wisconsin moves up from #9 to #7, and is currently the highest ranked Big Ten team.
  • Almost-Big Ten Nebraska slips from #7 to #8.
  • Ohio State moves up from #11 to #9.
  • Iowa moves up from #16 to #13.

Not too bad for the Big Ten with two teams in the Top Ten and four teams in the Top 25.

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Edwin Baker celebrates MSU’s win over Minnesota, and deservedly so.


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In some ways, I expected worse.  Iowa is a good team so losing to them isn’t as bad as losing to Tulsa or Appalachian State. The BCS computers don’t factor in the score, so they do not distinguish a close game from the trainwreck that was MSU-Iowa. In the Big Ten…

  • Michigan State drops from #5 to #14 after losing to Iowa
  • Wisconsin moves up from #10 to #9
  • Ohio State stays put at #11
  • Iowa moves up from #18 to #16
  • And finally, almost-Big Ten school Nebraska moves up from #14 to #7

Big Ten rankings got a little more interesting with State’s loss to Iowa.  There are now four one-loss teams duking it out for the conference.  MSU and OSU both have four wins, so they are up top.  Wisconsin and Iowa have three wins each, so they are right behind the leads.  There is a gaggle of two-loss clubs waiting for the whole thing to bust lose .  Michigan, Indiana and Minnesota are holding down the bottom of the list.

Oregon and Auburn flip-flop at the #1 and #2 two spots with the Ducks as the top team in the country.  They handled USC pretty well and looked good doing it. I agree with Oregon at #1. TCU and Boise State flip-flop at #3 and #4. These are obviously good teams, but I can’t tell how good becuase most weeks they are playing teams I have never heard of.

Lastly, give it up for NC State!  The Pack slip in at #25 this week.

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We’ll find out tonight was the BCS thinks, but Michigan State at #5 is awesome.

Elsewhere in the AP Top 25, the Big Ten:

  • Wisconsin moves up from #10 to #9
  • Ohio State moves from #11 to #10
  • Iowa drops from #13 to #18
  • Almost-Big Ten school Nebraska hangs at #14

One other note, Michigan re-appears in the USA Today Poll at #25 after a bye week

That is three Big Ten schools in the Top Ten!

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After a huge win yesterday versus the #18 Wolverines of Michigan, Michigan State moves up in the AP Poll from #17 to #13. In the USA Today Poll, the Spartans are ranked #11.  Michigan State’s play has been steady and balanced, and so has their systematic rise from un-ranked to #13.  Steady as she goes MSU!

Congrats to Ohio State for grabbing the #1 spot.

In the Big Ten, Iowa is #15, Wisconsin is #18 and Michigan drops out of the Top 25.  Soon-to-be-Big Ten team Nebraska is #5.

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Michigan state moves up the rankings after week five, from #24 to #17. I like the slow and steady way MSU is building this season. Way to go Spartans.

Also in the Big 10:

  • Ohio State remains #2 as they have been since the pre-season
  • Iowa moves up from #17 to #15
  • Michigan moves up from #19 to #18 (just behind the Spartans!)
  • Wisconsin drops from #11 to #20
  • Penn State drops out of the top 25 after a #22 ranking last week
  • Soon-to-be-Big 1o Nebraska moves down from #6 to #7

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The Spartans cracked the Top 25 last week, and made more progress this week:

#24 in AP Top 25

#21 in USA Today Poll

Next weeks game against #11 Wisconsin will determine whether MSU keeps moving on up.  Go Green!

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