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Lost. A Little Light Recap.

Lost returns tonight. Normally, I wouldn’t care as much but the dearth of television vying for my eyebobbles has forced me into a slump. Or at least muddied the waters of what I do and do not care about.

No. The real truth is more along the lines of…I was extremely bored throughout last season and then they gave a finale that screwed with my head. No doubt I was getting a little bored with your flashbacks. But giving me flash forwards? Oh, Lost, you silly impish prankster!

If you’re like me, you can’t remember what the heck happened last season. And that is where I can lend a helping hand.

Here are some highlights from the previous season finale:

  • The show opens with Jack on another plane, clearly in the future. (The Future, Ya’ll!). P.S. The future involves a narcotics addiction.
  • Naomi (the girl who dropped in on the Losties) is “helping” Jack arrange communications, and will notify her freighter their coordinates when they get to the radio tower.
  • Charlie’s getting his ass kicked by two fierce (very unfriendly) lady-friends in the underwater “Looking Glass Station” waiting to fulfill his destiny (of kicking it dead school or scoring the winged groupies of the afterlife)
  • The Losties are ambushing the Others (Juliet was supposed to be a secret agent for the Others and mark the tents of the pregnant gals but she joined the Losties side. And pulled the old double/triple crosseroo.
  • Sayid and Jin (and Bernard) are kidnapped during the ambush.
  • Locke was left for dead. (Oh gosh -Remember when Locke was with Ben, the leader of the Others. And we found out that Ben is only the de facto leader because he’s really taking orders from some other guy that only he can hear. Until Locke came along and he could hear him too. Then Ben realized Locke could give him a run for his money so he “killed” him).
  • Ben warns Jack that Naomi is a bad guy. Not who she says she is. This is confirmed by Penny Widmore. Once Charlie unblocks ‘whatever signals’ in the underwater station, Penny beeps in on the other line. Hurrah. She tells Charlie that she has no boat out to sea and knows no one named Naomi.
  • The Losties (with Ben as their captive) finally make it to the radio tower. De-clog the frequency. And Naomi is radioing her “boat” when she’s stabbed in the back by…John Locke. Ain’t nobody getting off that island while he’s around. (And we know they get off the island so – Draw whatever conclusions you wish).
  • Hurley used the old VW bug to vehicularly manslaughter the captors of Sayid, Jin and Bernard. The four of them, along with Sawyer and Juliet, are coolin’ out on the beach.
  • Losties make contact with whomever is on the boat/freighter and they’ve promised to be there in a jiff.
  • Last scene: FutureJack telling FutureKate that “we have to go back.”

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