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Sometimes when I’m rubbing puppy’s belly, I like to coo in her ears and tell her that she’s the cutest pup in the whole land.
But I also use that opportunity to remind her that she should really develop some extra tricks and/or skills because pretty soon, she’s gonna grow up and she won’t be as cute anymore.

cavalier king charles spaniel ruby puppy

People will no longer clamor over her at the Target. Walking down the street will no longer cause cars to slow down and make every other human stop to give her the undiluted adulation. She will have to prostitute herself on the street. Perform a few tricks just to get some of the attention she had once taken for granted.

It’s a tough world out there (some would say ‘Dog eat dog’). And you can’t get by on your looks forever.

The glory days of youth are fleeting.

The world is cruel to the aged.

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Who’s is that handsome son of a bitch?



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How about Rocky or Chief or Brutus or or Ranger or Fozzie or Rudolph or Radish or Pickle or Cheerio or Dasher or Oliver or Caboose or Clay or Duke or Templeton or Scully or Ptolemy or Radcliff or Boo Radley or Boyd or ….

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