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Guy Fieddy (if it is spelled any other way, it is unforgivable making people pronounce it as such).


When I can’t sleep I find his ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ is on incessantly when most mere mortals are asleep and therefore safe from his tour of bacon grease, beef fat and lard. 

I have no problem with the show.  I love all three of the above (particularly the bacon grease). I simply stand in awe of that man’s constitution.

But mostly I notice he is always attended by a bottle of Pelegrino (the Italian water “mit gas”).  I’m beginning to wonder if there are some secretive healing properties to this water that I was hitherto unaware.


Does Pelegrino negate the constriction of blood vesels and thin the layer of fat that would otherwise build up after consuming three meals a day of deep-fried sausage-filled taquito bombs with chees sauce (wrapped in bacon optional)?

Lemme know. 

I may need the healing powers soon.

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Although this episode was called “Ghost Network”, the episode was hardly about that – and sadly, had no ghosts.

  The Ghost Network is a network that is on a different frequency than what is used for phones and radio transmissions, but if it could be tapped into, it would give someone a secret network that would allow them to communicate without anyone else knowing or hearing.  Except for the unlucky psychic.  

 But since we have to use either a cliché or an old idea, let us begin with laying out the ones we will use in tonight’s episode:  

 First, we have the premise that a psychic doesn’t know that he is a psychic, but is seeing visions of horrible things that are happening.  (Ugh, we’ve never seen that plot before?)  So, how did he get this strange power?  Well, once upon a time, Our Favorite Mad Scientist injects a strange metal potion to see if it would give him psychic powers, Lo and behold, he did not turn out to be a fire starter, but did get the psychic powers 20 years later.  Which he then uses to listen in on the phone conversations of Latin speaking bad guys (possibly from a drug cartel, who also know about the pattern) as they plot their nefarious deeds.  And then our intrepid FBI agent manages to stop them (but not before one of them commits suicide, so there is no possibility of getting answers from him).  And then we send our psychic home, where hopefully he will never be troubled by ghost network phone calls again.

I have to admit, part of the show was new.  I hadn’t really seen the “people trapped in an amber like substance” bit before.  And I did enjoy that.  Sure it seems like overkill for the bad guys to do that just to get a mysterious glass disk from someone (that is a lot of dead bodies).   And also, I’m always happy to see Latin getting props on TV (in a non-exorcism, or witchy setting).  So it wasn’t all recycled, which is good.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode, but I’m still not sure its going to be a great show.

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Okay. Kate-scentric. We already knew she was one of the Oceanic 6 so, will we find out another?

  • Ben rattles Locke by taunting him with things like, ‘You can’t find the cabin. You can’t find Jacob.’
  • Kate doesn’t trust Sawyer, he wonders if this is because of “the pregnancy.”
  • ForwardKate’s on trial, pleads not guilty and is remanded to jail. But why is she on trial in California? Her lawyer wants her to accept a deal. Or to make the trial about her character rather than her deeds. Kate says no way are you bringing in my son! (Who uses a baby as a witness?)
  • Kate visits Miles because she wants to know if everyone else on the planet knows who she is. They do. (Although I’m still confused, as I thought Mr. Abaddon who instigated their mission insisted there were no survivors. I guess maybe he said that, then winked and told the FreighterOthers who to expect to find?). I want to know who this Abaddon is and who he’s working for. Tell Me.
  • Jack testifies on Kate’s behalf saying that only 8 survived the crash and that Kate pulled him to shore. “Kate tried to save the other two but…” Kate objects to Jack’s testimony (because he’s committing perjury and possibly thinks the truth might come out eventually?). Prosecutor wants to know if Jack loves Kate, he says “not anymore.
  • Sawyer helps Kate get Miles in to see Ben, where Miles demands $3.2 million to report back to the bad guy he works for that Ben is dead. Ben wants to know why $3.2 rather than $3.3 or $3.5 – hey, me too! Was the 3.2 mil a code? Is Miles Ben’s man on the boat?
  • Why can’t Kate just tell Locke that she needed Miles to find out if it’s safe for her to leave the island?
  • Kate’s mother agrees not to testify against Kate if she can see her grandchild. Kate says no way. What?!? I’d let my mom take a gander at my baby if it got me out of 15 years hard time.
  • Daniel has some sort of short term memory problem. Now of course I want to know if this is a recent ailment and if so, what caused it.
  • Guess what? Bad news -Sayid and Desmond have not made it to the Freighter. Worse News -The entire helicopter is missing.
  • Locke is a little badass. He keeps Miles’ mouth shut by shoving a live hand-grenade in it. After telling him “I am responsible for the well-being of this island.”
  • Kate gets a deal, 10 years probation (which Kate seemed to want?). So FutureKate won’t be returning to the island anytime soon.
  • The baby is…Aaron! Who is now 2 or 3 years old!! Does that make him one of the Oceanic 6? He wasn’t technically on the manifest.
  • Kate’s claiming the baby’s hers. Although, the baby is too old, if he’s 3 and they’ve been on the island for 4 months, no one around her is good at math. I think it’s the devilish space/time continum at work.
  • Why does Jack not want to see Aaron? Well, until he does, there will be no Jack and Kate time.
  • Didn’t the psychic Claire visited in Australia tell her that raising the baby herself was an imperative? Do we have to assume that Claire is dead? I at least want to hope that she’s alive on the island but can’t leave for some reason.

Oooooh, next week – Desmond-centric. Yay.

I really liked this episode, What’d you think?

I am also really liking Jeremy Davies as Daniel Farady. Did anyone else see him in Rescue Dawn? Craaaazy.

Also wanted to add that everyone has said that “Eggtown” refers to pregnancy and the last of the eggs from the last of the chickens but don’t forget that an Eggtown was shorthand for a town with no money. Meaning that traveling salesmen would refer to it that way, “Oh, don’t bother with Williamsburg, it’s an eggtown” – they didn’t have money or anything of real value to barter with. An egg is the worst thing; it has a short shelf life, doesn’t travel well – so fairly useless to the salesman.

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