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Pentultimate episode of the season. We open on the Oceanic Six being rescued. Jack’s still the leader. Telling them how to deal with the media that awaits.

FLASHCURRENT: The chopper is overheard to be landing over the Orchid, which none of the Losties know is another Dharma station. Jack is trying to be a hero (a-gain) even though he just had surgery.

Turns out Dan Faraday knows what the Orchid station is all about and tells Charlotte, “We have to get off this island tight now!” 

FUTURE: Oceanic has a press conference with The 6; offering a lot of crazy manufactured details. The press is pretty harsh with them. (‘You guys look pretty healthy for being on an island’) It should be a fluff piece! Sayid and Nadia are re-united.

One group if off to the freighter with Jin and Sun and Aaron and some random people. So we know the fate of them is not certain.

FLASHFORWARD: Sun shows up at her father’s company, pregnant and gaining control of her life and her father’s company. She got her money and bought controlling interest in dad’s biz. And she blames dad for Jin’s death.


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We all know now that “Meet Kevin Johnson” refers to Micheal. So, let’s review – Micheal was ready to kill 2 strangers (Ana Lucia and Libby) to rescue the man (Ben) he had to, to save his son (Walt).


(Yay, Miles doesn’t have a grenade in his mouth anymore) Locke brings Miles in for a little tete a tete (or tete a lotsa people, whatever). Ben confesses Micheal is Ben’s spy on the boat.


Captain Gault is having a bit of a hard time regulating his staff. Sayid confronts Micheal about why he’s on the boat. He’s here to quote unquote: Die. DuntDuntDuntDunnnn…. 


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I’ve got to start off by saying that this was not my favorite episode of the season. (I have been spoiled by a frenetic pace of non-stop knowledge bombs). 


So Lapidus was not the one who left the door open for Sayid and Desmond. They also are warned that they shouldn’t want to meet the captain of the Freighter.

Jin and Sun have decided to go to Locke’s camp. This seems to raise the ire of Juliet, so she proceeds to tell Jin that Sun had an affair.

Ooooh, so Sun and Jin are the final pair of the Oceanic Six. Good news. Bad news, there seems to be some complications with Sun’s pregnancy after all.


Jin and Bernard take some time for some male bonding, catch a few fish and hypothesize over the existential meaning of life and karmic retribution.


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